Healing powers of the chile

propiedes of chile

The chile is different each other, Depending on the color (Red. Green, Yellow, the form (elongated or flared) and taste (sweet or savory).

Chili bites since it contains capsaicin responsible for stimulating the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for generating pain and itching to the palate and tongue.
The chile is more than a food seasoning, Since it containshealing properties you are named below:

1 – Against cancer:

Recent studies have highlighted the healing power of the chile could be new hope to fight cancer. Chili helps to speed up the death of malignant cancer cells, While the good cells nothing happens them.

2. Analgesic:

Capsaicin in chilies helps the disappearance of pain, If consumed in large quantities can be toxic even though it is very strange that happens.

3. Cholesterol:

Dry chillies help to significantly lower blood cholesterol, If they are continuously consumed the heart will be healthy little by little.

4. Circulation:

Chili helps to improve circulation. Capsaicin goes directly into the bloodstream, helping blood to slim, avoiding clog veins and arteries that could reach up to heart attacks.


There are a variety of chiles.

Uses in the kitchen:

Chiles help give flavour in food, so it can be used in the majority of food.

– Enchiladas.

– Mole Enchiladas.

– Chicken in Green Sauce.

– Red or green sauce.

– Chicken Chile morita.

Tips about chile:

-You can buy the normal or dried chiles. If you buy dry, It is important to keep in a cool place.
– If chile is not consumed regularly it is starting with sweet chilli and with low content of capsaicin.

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