Healing powers of clove

clove properties

We will then describe the healing powers of the nail and what are the main therapeutic benefits:

1.- It is an aphrodisiac:

– In many Eastern countries:
– Women use it to stimulate her libido when they have ceased to feel sexual desire for nervous reasons or eating disorders.
– Also use it some men with erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems like premature ejaculation.

2.- Breathing apparatus:

– It is a good remedy to combat the common air anomalies, since they possess anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial and expectorant, match the following diseases:
– Cold.
– Cough.
– Bronchitis.
– It helps eliminate feel altitude sickness some nice when we got many meters above the sea level.

3.- Digestive system:

– Diarrhea in travellers, Since you have astringent powers and helps cut diarrhea.
– Aerophagia, to attack the problems of gas and flatulence.
– Anorexia or loss of appetite.
– Difficult digestion.



The nail is an important ingredient in the following dishes:
– Lentils.
– Roast lamb.
– Roasted Apple.
– Other meat dishes, Marinades, sauces, cakes, cookies, etc.

Nail tips:

– So that the nail is preserved for longer, It is best to keep it tightly in containers of color in a cool place.
– It is recommended to buy it whole as powder loses its fastest taste.
– In some countries such as Indonesia, just this spice is used in kitchen, If not for flavouring tobacco. This practice is more harmful than smoking regular cigarettes.
– Clove essential oil should only be used, and always diluted, in a less proportion to the 1%, Since it can be poisonous and highly harmful to the human body.
– Very important: ask always a herbalist, the proportions can be taken of this spice in an infusion, to combat any medical condition, because its excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

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