Cooked shellfish, trick to not fail ever

Cooked shellfish, trick to not fail ever

All is well known that is essential to carry seafood to its optimal cooking point, either prior to the preparation of a dish, either, for immediate consumption. Procedure, simple, easy and that if we take it to strictly, not never fails. Guaranteed. Da same be seafood with shells or as prawns or shrimps or whatever. Try it.

We are going to do this:

We put a pot to boil, that for each litre of water, We will put some sixty grams of salt. When is the pot boiling the most, Add the shellfish in question. Logically, doneness will fall, We will wait patiently until, Again, the starting pot to boil.

At the time in which this occurs, We will remove the pot, and we will turn it fire, waiting for the temperature to moderate, for about ten minutes. Once the temperature has been reduced,  remove the seafood pot. It is important that you do it exactly as well.

This is done, already we can ensure that it is ready.

Bon Appetit.

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  1. Maria de Alvear Colino It says:

    Muchas gracias por los consejos, algunos de ellos totalmente desconocidos y siempre bienvenidos para una empresa de catering que debe tener mucho cuidado en la cocina con sus ingredientes para preparar los mejores menús. Os seguimos desde ahora mismo!


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