[GENERAL INFORMATION] Chicken, trout and rabbit


It believes that these birds were domesticated in India, around the 4000 BC, going to Greece by Persia.

Today with the improvements in the races, It obtained copies of very good quality, being in France where are best developed, even some establishments have certification of origin as the chickens of Bresse.

Previously to the production mass of birds on the farms, the chicken was the Sunday dish par excellence.
In France usually asaba it a young chicken, While to one more old is it filled and boiling with abundant vegetables to prepare the Poule au pot; even more large and old specimens destined for so-called Rooster red wine or Caq ou vin, dish made with wine, mushrooms, herbs and onion.

Currently eat chicken often and it prepared in various ways. Unlike their ancestors, the chicken's farm current is fed with speed and is sacrificed young, decreasing by this your taste, in spite of this, can enhance it with good preparations.

Them chickens bred in freedom, flaunt undoubtedly the best flavor due to the variety of its diet and them exemplary fed with corn have meat more consistent.

  • From the point of view nutritional the breast is suitable for its low content of fat.
  • The salmon should be always a reason of preparation when it works with chicken.
  • Thaw slowly in the refrigerator. If not have time, immerse it in water cold and change it every ½ hour until the bird is has thawed. Do not immerse never a little frozen in water hot, not only is defrost with speed but its texture is ruin of way irreparable, generating further formation of bacteria.
  • Remove the giblets that is found in the cavity; These may form part of a preparation to farce (filling).
  • The best way to check the cooking of a chicken is by inserting a thermometer into the thickest part of one of the thighs. You must register a temperature internal of 75 ° C as a minimum.

Trout dolly


  • The trout is a fish of water sweet that belongs to the family of the Salmonidae.
  • Is carnivorous and are fed mainly of crustaceans of river.
  • Lives in Lakes, rivers and streams that prefer water well oxygenated.
  • The trout are anadromous, born in waters sweet and there remain during 5 years, come to the sea where are bred for others 5 years. So they reach the reproductive stage, they return to the place of birth to spawn.
  • The trout was the first fish fertilized artificially, affecting the property of anadromy.
  • The alevitos are planted in the rivers where is developed.
  • Today, the restaurants will feed of trout of Kennel, Since the wild fishing is limited or prohibited.

Some features

• Is a fish's body fusiform
• Color brown with pints
• Head small
• Meat firm and of color reddish; This depends of the power that has
• Slightly fatty
• 12 to 15 months comes to develop a 330 grams, weight minimum for the consumption

Types of trout

In Argentina there are 3 varieties

The trout Arco Iris: is originally from United States, they were planted in Argentina in the year 1903 by perito Moreno. It is the most well known and its name is due to the iridescent coloration of its back. Is bred in captivity with excellent results.

Brown trout: This trout was introduced from Europe in the year 1921 and their acclimatization was total. It is the variety of larger size. Performs its cycle of anadromous, by which back them rivers in search of its place of birth.

Trout Brook trout: is it more appreciated by the chefs and fishermen. By having a feeding selective, its flesh is very tasty. Also is the more difficult of fishing.

Roast rabbit

Roast rabbit


  • The rabbit is a lagomorph of the family of the Leporidae as it Hare.
  • Is of possible origin African, having last to the peninsula iberica at times prehistoric. It is widespread throughout southern Europe, Central and Western, as well as in Australia.
  • Little development of some of your senses, especially the smell and the sight, have made that the rabbit is, Perhaps the more peaceful animal.
  • Is a kind of playback quick and generous, in conditions normal, the male and the female reaches it maturity before meet half year.
  • Wild rabbits have a stronger than the domestic taste, they are less tender because it contains less fat.
  • The rabbits home are of color pink uniform, with a light colour grey blue. Have the head and the ears more great that them wild. The hair is also longer and more dense, like your nails, they are big and soft.
  • Breeding in captivity of rabbits, rabbit breeding, allows us to get them good size, fresh, tender and a good price all the year.

Must choose them in the following way
With out eyes
Flesh pink pair
Kidneys covered total or partially of fat solid and white (depends of the age)
Liver without stains, or hits and of a pink flush.
Of 1 kg to 1.5 kg to skip them or roast them to the grill and of 1.5 kg to 3 kg to set them or cooking them.

It is also important, respect a rest of at least 3 hours later at the sacrifice of the animal, to pass the stage of rigor mortis, so the meat to recover its natural state.
If possible, it is advisable to not buy frozen rabbits, because they absorb too much water, and the thaw, they are very fibrous and dry.

In the world of gastronomy, rabbit meat is part of the so-called white meats, and preparations that can be made with it are as diverse as the imagination has the Cook.

Six major pieces are obtained from a rabbit, It depends on the size of the rabbit, they surrender to 3 or 4 porciones, It must always be accompanied by a good fitting.

The pieces of rabbit are composed of:

2 hams: hind limbs
1 chine or oak: includes kidneys and spine, from which it obtained two portions
2 shoulders: forelimbs

A peculiarity of this meat is that each part has a flavor subtly different.

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