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Pork leg
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On this occasion, because of the Christmas season I come with this leg of pork which is a recipe that many family prepare it for this date, as we all know the Christmas recipes are easy to prepare and more if we do it with love, our families enjoy and share enough for this time, I hope enjoy this leg of pork that is quite easy to do.
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prep time
40 min
cooking time
7 hr
total time
7 hr 40 min
prep time
40 min
cooking time
7 hr
total time
7 hr 40 min
  • A leg of pork of some 5 kilos
  • 4 litres of orange juice
  • 1, 1/2 kilo of bacon
  • 2 kilo of leg ham
  • 1/2 kilo of almond
  • 1/2 kilo of raisins without cemillas
  • 1/2 kilo of nuts
  • 1 syringe to inject (Large)
  • 1 butter Tin
  • 1 salt with garlic
  • 1 fine ground pepper
  • 1 EMBASE aluminium
  • 1 aluminum foil package
  1. Maybe it will seem that the ingredients do not match (ham and Bacon), but I assure you that it is a very very good taste.
  2. The leg is bought boneless and without the leather on the outside, then with orange juice is strained and is left without any pulp, Orange juice is put black pepper and also puts garlic salt to taste, that fine juice that remains is injected to the leg on all sides several times so that the juice softened the meat inside, injected repeatedly on all sides until it is seen that the juice comes out on other sides of the meat; then in a bowl put the leg amarinar in the orange juice with garlic salt and pepper all night long in the refrigerator.
  3. The next day take out the leg and then with a knife several holes make it everywhere to populate it with the other ingredients, You can be long leg cut provided care not pass leg of the surface to the bottom of it that if not the juice will go for the part below.
  4. Once the holes or cuts are on all sides of the leg, proceed to fill it with the other ingredients; mix in a bowl the raisins, the bacon cut into pieces to taste like ham, raisins, almonds and walnuts;
  5. Then the mixture of these ingredients is taken and they are introduced slowly in the regions where we made the cut with a knife; If it is possible, It is convenient to put all the stuffing until you see that leg is deformed so filling introduced; the leg is put in a tray of aluminum already without orange juice, Once filled sprinkle you salt with garlic and pepper; covered it with butter, enough butter, and the oven at a temperature of 165 grades during 6 hours, that depends on the oven that is in use.
  6. Is well covered with paper aluminum and is left there in the oven the estimated time, After several hours it began to smell rich.... At this point you should see how our leg will, may uncover the role of aluminium and see how goes the cooking, After a few 6 o 7 hours the leg is cooked inside and out, Once the leg is cooked and nothing dry by bathing in the same butter results will be when we go for a knife to see the softness of the meat... That is where you will see that soft leg and its flavor.
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