Juice of lemon healing

lemon juice

As we all know lemon is ultimate citrus, a fruit that helps fight over 200 diseases, Emphasizing that spectrum that encompasses the lemon is very large and there are still many investigations to find out all the benefits that brings to our Organization. The intake of lemon helps eradicate foreign substances harmful to our body since its juice is purifying and detoxifying.
Its action is so powerful that it can dissolve hard substances that staying at any organ and which frequently produce diseases or hard to bear pains. It should be noted that foreign substances that accumulate in the human body, they are corrupting and wearing the correct operation of the same by what the lemon juice It is an excellent regulator of these situations.
But this is not all as it has has demonstrated its effectiveness against viruses and microbes for what experts recommend carrying out a cure of lemons at least once a year. It should be noted that once this cure, You should avoid eating them by the way period since his action is very powerful and effective. The power of the lemon It can be found in its high concentration of Ascorbic acid and obviously vitamin C, very effective during the winter to avoid the flu, colds and rheumatic diseases.
Although there are other fruit with high content of vitamin c, the kiwi for example, None has the substances that make that the lemon juice is an ideal complement to the treatment of the diseases listed.

Then we will offer you the recipe for the elaboration of a lemon juice:

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Juice of lemon healing
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
0 min
prep time
15 min
cooking time
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  • several lemons
  • water
  • sugar
  1. Lemons should first be split in half and with a fork or spoon, extract
  2. the juice and leave it in a pitcher. Then add water in a proportion of 1/4 lemon juice ¾ water to then add sugar to taste to remove some of this fruit acidity. Well serve cold and consumed immediately. If desired you can add ice.
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