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Tháng bảy 4, 2016

Almost everybody know how is pizza and what it looks like. For whom that didn’t know: here is a little preview. Pizza is enormously popular dish in the world. Especially in Italy, United states of America and Brazil. Generally pizza is thin round shaped bread covered with pizza topping and mozzarella cheese. On top is various toppings depend on different preferences, for example in Germany is very popular adding sausages into topping. Now even who don’t know what pizza is, should have basic idea.

This article help you to success in making your own pizza at home. Providing step-by-step tutorial from preparing pizza dough to cutting into pieces.

Let’s start with making pizza dough.

Pizza dough is created from five main ingredients. It is: bột mì, water, Men, oil, muối. We have to choose right ingredients or our homemade pizza will fail at the beginning – making pizza dough. First we have to choose right flour. Flour is main ingredient in making pizza dough. We want pizza flour that is labeled “pizza flour” or “flour for making pizza” made major from wheat. I said major because there are also another types of pizza flour for people without gluten tolerance. Second most important ingredient in making pizza dough is water. I use packed water, but if you can’t use it, then I would recommend to heat over. The third ingredient is yeast. The type of yeast we need is called “instant dry yeast” or simply “dry yeast”. The fourth ingredient is oil, exactly olive oil. The last ingredient is salt, I’m using the Kosher salt.

Flour (100%): 220.54 g | 7.78 oz | 0.49 lbs
Water (63%): 138.94 g | 4.9 oz | 0.31 lbs
Salt (1.5%): 3.31 g | 0.12 oz | 0.01 lbs | 0.69 Tsp | 0.23 muỗng canh
Oil (1%): 2.21 g | 0.08 oz | 0 lbs | 0.49 Tsp | 0.16 muỗng canh
Total (165.5%): 365 g | 12.87 oz | 0.8 lbs | TF = N/A

Now when we have all the ingredients selected we can finally start making pizza dough.

First thing what we need to do is to put the ingredients in the right order into mixing bowl. Putting ingredients in right order is really important. First add water and salt and mix it. Now add the flour and yeast. Really important is to not get yeast and salt into direct contact! it will destroy the yeast structure, and you will have to start making pizza dough with fresh yeast. Now turn on your mixer at slow spin mode, we need to get flour absorbed the water. Wait five minutes and raise the speed. After another five minutes, add olive oil and wait for three of four minutes. Now the dough should have the right consistency. Dough should be looking smooth and not be too sticky. If dough is too sticky, mix it for few more minutes. Now paint the dough with oil, cover it and leave until gets double size.

Now we can start making the pizza topping.

Thành phần

For one small pizza (12½oz) we need:

4 tomatoes
1 tablespoon of salt
3 tablespoon of oil
1 half of small onion
First cut the onion into small pieces and mash the tomatoes. Into larger pot add oil and onions. Before the onions get brown color, add the tomatoes, salt and cover with lid. When mixture staring bubbling lower the heat and leave it under the lid for two hours with occasion stirring. After two hours mixture should get consistency similar to soup.

Now we have dough and pizza topping. So let’s start making our own pizza.

  • Chuẩn bị: 25 phút
  • Nấu ăn: 30 phút

Chỉ dẫn đường

1With roller make a circle with 35 centimeter diameter. If you are doing this first time, it will be hard to make circle shape, but don’t worry! Pizza in another shape is still tasty! Before you start rolling the dough, sprinkle your work desk and the dough, otherwise it will get sticky and will be hard to roll it. Rolling is the second easiest way to make circle shape, but there is also another ways. Another method is called “dough sheeting” or “pizza catching” which is the hardest one. No matter what method you choose, don’t forget to make dough a double thicker one centimeter from the edge.

2Put on topping, 1cm from border. Never put too much of the topping! Because pizza will get sticky and also time you need for baking will be increased significantly! That means your pizza wouldn’t be baked enough.

3Now sprinkle with cheese.

4Put it in the oven that has 250 Celsius, for 2-4 phút. If you are using classic electric/gas oven you will need much more time, between 10-15 phút, the reason is in classic wood oven pizza goes directly on stone plate.

5After 2 minutes check your pizza every 30 second. Pizza is ready when it gets crispy and little bit dark at the bottom.

6Cut the pizza to 8 similar pieces. If you put olives first, it will be hard to divide pizza into 8 similar pieces.

7Sprinkle with basil and put on olives.

Thành phần


pizza topping

cheese 200 g or 7 oz – you can use every cheese that is similar to mozzarella cheese and not too much aromatic, and has between 30-40% fat

8 pieces of olives



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