BBQ kuřecí pizza

Podľa Marian Fletcher    

Júla 4, 2016

  • Prípravka: 30 minút
  • Cook: 25 minút


1Let’s start with dough. Mix all the dry ingredients, then add all the water. Use a wooden spoon to mix it into one mass. Let it sit for 15 minút, then kneaded with a hand mixer till a smooth dough. Let it sit for another 15 minút, then divided into two balls and put in individual oiled containers.

2Put them in the refrigerator after an hour, where they rest for about 1,5 hodín. Took them out about 3/4 of an hour before baking.

3Heat up conventional oven with a pizza stone (250 C).

4For the topping. Mix Heinz Tomato Frito and Yildriz BBQ sauce.

5Now place all the other ingredients on the top.


dough, for two balls formula:

260 g. strong bread flour

172 g. lukewarm water (about 66%, slightly less than the 68.5% I normally use)

3/4 TSP. salt

1 TSP. yeast


Heinz Tomato Frito

Yildriz BBQ (use any with actual smoke aroma)

smoked cubes of bacon

chicken fillet baked in the bacon fat

sliced mushroom

grated mozzarella


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