Muesli와 과일 요구르트

에 의해 Berta Ing

7 월 2, 2016

Summer allows us to make quick, tasty and very healthy breakfast. It is not hard at all to make one! Strawberries can be replaced by raspberries, or other berries of choice and yogurt can be greek or a drinking one!

  • 준비: 20 분
  • 수익률: 2 yields

오시는 길

1Place all ingredients in a bowl, start with muesli, fruits and finally top it with yogurt of choice



2 Handful of muesli

2 Strawberries

1 바나나

1 Cup of yogurt of choice

1\4 of orange

Honey (optionally)


1 Review

메리 gamboa

7 월 2, 2016


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