The amazing properties of vitamin C

vitamin c

The vitamin "C" is necessary for the creation of the collagen, i.e., has incidence directly in those tissues connective of the body, the smooth functioning of the joints, the skin, eyes and cells healthy.

It will react in our bodies as a "protective shield" against free radicals, that degenerate the tissues and can be the cause chemical of the cancer.

It has great efficiency how detoxifying and helps protect our body not only of the cancer, but also hundreds of other dangerous and lethal diseases.

Cleanses and clean the blood of toxins and helps to keep the system circulatory free of lipids or fats that cause high levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose.

As you can see it is one of the raw materials for the maintenance of this wonderful cosmic engineering work: our body.

Unfortunately this vitamin has many enemies and by that large percentage of the population worldwide suffers of countless diseases, because the reservations in their bodies are exhausted, your balance is "in red".

But let's look at something. What is the cause so that it runs as fast this vitamin? The root orMain cause is stress!

What is meant by stress?

It is a set of situations that make the body become tense, in a high State of alert physical and mental.

It more often is: concern, insecurity, fears, pessimism, nerves, anxiety, depression, IRA, panic, skepticism, etc.

This causes the body to generate adrenaline, which makes that you veins are
close (hypertension), and can cause infarction, stroke, vision and kidney damage.

In addition the adrenaline disconnects the gland Timo and you stay without defenses, because the system immune not works and as if outside little, the adrenaline also disconnected parts of the brain, making you slow, clumsy and forgetful, as concerns the "area" of the memory to long and short term.

By fault of the stress, what so successful may be a person in the business, in love, in the social circle with your friends? Very little success, truth? It is to live with a tolerable burden of unhappiness.

Other enemies of the vitamin C are:

Coffee, sugar, alcoholic beverages, all kinds of pain relievers, among others.

Now you can understand better, Why stress is known as the enemy number one of humanity.

According to the who (World Health Organization) the 3 main causes of death in the world are:

1- Infarcts.

2- Cancer (of colon)

3- Iatrogenesis (Effects side of the medicine allopathic or
chemical that prescribe the medical to their patients)

Relapse of a disease, After having it treated with any medicine allopathic or natural, is that is has served the physical part of the patient, BUT the Real cause of the problem which is in the subconscious has not been removed, VES?

That's the problem. And what is the solution?

The effective solution is to control stress

Now I'm going to show you how we can help with the vitamin "c" that also serves as a relaxing:

Everyone should take 6.000 mg. (milligrams) each day in tablets or other presentation of 500 mg. Each time or of 1.000 mg. Every two hours to complete them 6.000 mg. Of the day.

To increase the efficiency of this vitamin artificial, You should drink a glass of juice in the morning of 3 o 4 freshly squeezed oranges (not worth those who sell packaged) and take lemon juice in the afternoon.
Remember: This it must do EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

Now well, many will ask-even medical allopathic and naturopathic- If "so much" amount of vitamin "C" can cause damage to the body or "wear out" other vitamins or minerals, truth?

The response is: NOT DO HARM!

NO "ANTIOXIDANT" (Vitamin A, C, E, Selenium, Q - 10) It does hurt by more megadoses taken, as if the body is saturated the rest it eliminates by urine or the stool.

NEVER produces effects pernicious in the body. It is always beneficial.

You know that the health of Nobel Prize of 1998 Dr. Louis Ignarro "Proved" to take every day 100.000 mg. Vitamin "C" is not only healthy, Safe and beneficial, but also RECOMMENDED take that amount distributed in 10 take on the day?

And I am recommending you take only 6.000 mg. a day, VES?

The "common" people and health professionals tend to eat and only recommend the dose "official" indicating the medical science. You know what is this dosage? 80 mg.

Imagine, only 80 mg. a day, Ah? If a person takes on seriously this Council is going to get a cancer, because their cells not can protect is of the radical free.

It is said that one can have a guava 100 mg. Vitamin C, i.e.
that if a person by "ignorance" is eaten 4 o 5 guavas in a day, could have high risk of dying intoxicated, truth?

Not you think that "official" dose is somewhat illogical?

If this was true, recognized laboratories of world-renowned not be
they would risk losing their license manufacturing tablets of 500 and 1.000 mg. and less to recommend doses of up to 3.000 mg. a day, VES?
This you can check in the supermarkets of your town, looking for the
section of vitamins or medications and any brand you will find these recommended doses.

With all of this, they ignore the studies and research scientific of the Dr. Ignarro, of that is healthy, Safe and beneficial take up to 100.000 mg. of vitamin C per day, so if tomas only 6.000 mg. the day will be "very safe" that small dose will always protect your health, It will always bring you benefits...It never will you harm!


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