Thermomix tips


Origins of the thermomix

Before moving on to the tricks we talk briefly about the history of the business group that develops our dearkitchen robotbegins in France for more than 32 years,  the idea of combining functions of Cook and mix in a single machine and was developed byVorwerk , creating the first heat VM mixer 2.000 and that is called affectionately "soup Mixer".

Thus it was bornThermomix. Over the years it has evolved to become one of the best and most common kitchen tools.

It was in the year 1978 When started to represent in Spain theThermomixVM 2200.


Thermomix tips


We need 3 Avocados, peeled, pitted and 3 tbsp. honey.

For preparation we have to beat well three Avocados in speed 5 to achieve a creamy consistency and add 3 tbsp. honey. Mix on speed 4 o 5 apply on clean face and neck as if it were a mask. Leave to act for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Overrun of the preparation can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days (It will put dark but retain their properties). Properties of avocado: Nutritious, hydrating and moisturizing


Rather than brush the pan with water and salt with a brush, put the water and salt in a pulverizer.
Thus it is more evenly distributed and we not run the risk of tightening and bread bubbles to break, In addition the gold will be more uniform.
It is also good to put a container with water in the oven so that it creates moisture.


When finished cooking, fill it with water up to half more or less, have a splash of fairy and put a few seconds.
In this way what is glued falls under its own weight and without your doing nothing more than giving to a button.
Then you give it with a brush (that you gave the seller), you clarify it and ready for the next use.
It is not necessary to disassemble the blades always, only if you've cooked.

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