Kitchen quick tips

kitchen tricks


Here are some quick tricks at mealtimes.:

Garlic: For better garlic digestion, you can remove the central seed, cuts the garlic in two, longitudinally and extracted with the tip of a knife.

Meatballs: To make you feel juicier, soak back-up breadcrumbs in milk, about ten minutes, are added to, well drained to minced meat.

Artichokes: You have to pour a squeeze of lemon into the water of the artichokes so they don't blacken.

Alioli: So it doesn't get liquid., a couple of tricks, or add a small potato cooked and sieved or add walnuts.

Cod: To desalinate it well you need 48 hours, the trick is, after 24 hours swap the water for milk to which half a clove of garlic is added.

Cake: Must be borne in mind that the oven cannot be opened the first half hour of baking, because if not the mass we would fall and now would never climb. 

Squid: So you don't get hard in a raw milk bath for about two to three hours.

Onion: If you put onion or raw spring onion in a salad, you can do 2 things half an hour before serving it: If you put it in vinegar, you'll get to reduce the itch of the onion, and if you put it in water, you'll make it less indigestible and not "repeat". To avoid crying when you cut the onion... Leave 15 minutes the onion in salted water, you won't cry anymore at least for cutting onions.

MELON: Choosing a melon: It's better the female melon than the male, the female melon has the trunk wider than the male. If the tail of the melon resists twisting it, melon is not ripe, has to break easily. Grainy leather melon is preferable to smooth-skinned melon.

Potatoes: Choice: to make fries, yellow meat, for the mash, the floury white meat, to steam or bake with skin, new potatoes.

Bananas: bananas are best preserved in the fridge if you peel and wrap them in foil.

SAUCE: If a sauce gets too thick you can lengthen it hot with a little milk. This will allow you not to lose "body" and maintain its flavor and texture.

Omelet: To make it work, you never have to do it with more than 6 eggs. The best pan to make an omelette , it's the iron. So that the tortilla does not stick it is advisable to heat the pan beforehand with fat salt.

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