Tortillas of corn

corn tortillas

Tortillas of corn

Also known by some as corn pancakes, they are thin and crispy discs that can not miss on Mexican tables, It is perhaps the most popular Mexican recipes with corn in addition to be very versatile when it comes to preparations and combinations with them.

If you want to learn the simple process for making tortillas you came to the right place, Since I'll show you step by step, you will see how easy it is; without further ADO we move on to the preparation of the tortilla.

Ingredients and utensils:

  • 2 Cups of cornmeal snapshot
  • 1 ½ Cups water (Approximately)
  • Salt to taste (Optional)
  • A thick plastic bag

Elaboration of the tortilla

The first thing you must do is the mass; place the amount of flour you want in a suitable container, then let's you we begin to add water and iras to dissolve the flour and form a dough kneading, You must stay soft and homogeneous, without any lumps, put a pinch of salt at the end and distribute it with your hands.

For this recipe it is 2 possible paths, they are made completely by hand and made with the help of one machine tortilla.

Option 1: Handmade tortillas

Step 1: Place your budare, griddle or comal to heat at medium heat.

Step 2: It takes enough dough to make a medium-sized ball and aplastaras it a little between your hands doing a kind of disk; have a bowl of water at hand since you must be wetting your hands constantly to prevent the mass you sticking.

Step 3: Place the little diskette of dough on the plastic and while going by turning it with one of your hands as iras crushing with the external part of the Palm of the other, always the center of the disc outward, so go flattening evenly.

Step 4: Once your tortilla is well thin you despegaras it very carefully in plastic and spend it the budare or comal that must already be hot.

Step 5: When looks completely dry and leave you the first bubbles turn it around. Repeat the operation until it is well cooked.

Option 2: Use of the tortilla

The tortilla is a simple which serves to flatten the dough and form the tortilla machine, It is important that when using it not you crush tortilla once, to make a regular thickness you go it by twisting and crushing on.

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