[TIPS] Potato


Solanum tuberosum

We will start saying that this vegetable that has become one of the most widely used around the world, is native to Andean Plains, more specifically where today are Bolivia and Peru. Also in them we can find hundreds of varieties such as: Lisa Pope, the Oca, the Imilla (that means Princess in Aymara, being a dad with very little water content) or the adherence and Chuño, the latter are potatoes dehydrated with conservation methods which are maintained from the time of the Incas.

In Argentina are cultivated approximately 100.000 hectares per year which results in a 2.000.000 tons. The main varieties cultivated are the Huinkul or black potatoes, that represents the 40 percent of production; Sandy, rounded and medium, It is ideal for dry mashed or French fries, by having fewer water than the Spunta or white potatoes, that represents the 55 percent of production; elongated, flattened and large, with smooth, white skin, yellowish pulp ideal for most purees.

vitamins papa

  • The potato belongs to the family of Solanaceae.
  • It adapts to any climate and soil.
  • There are currently two cultivation techniques. Planting the mother tuber, Tuber seed or papin in the Earth to a depth of 25 cm in small parallel grooves, When the outbreak reaches the surface, begins to grow plant, While the roots form tubers at their ends. This technique uses small potatoes from the previous crop, the other technique of crop is seeded sexual potato seed.
  • Harvests are carried out in dry times, When wilt stem, and the potatoes of the earth can be separated easily.
  • The Pope is known in Europe thanks to the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who took her to Spain in the 1524, at the beginning the Pope was ignored by the people, just started to use because of the man in the year 1573.
  • In France under the reign of Louis XVI, the Pope managed to position itself thanks to its best propagandist and visionary Agustín Parmentier, He called it "pomme de terre".

The potato contains: carbohydrates, proteins, water; minerals: phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum and vitamins A, C and complex B.

We have to buy potatoes: choose them firm and dry, with the entire skin, No outbreaks or stains. It is normal that the potatoes have irregular surface with some eyes closed; This is poorly State symbol.
Light makes appear a substance called solanine, which turns them green, It gives them a bitter taste and becomes indigestible to be toxic. That is why we must always keep them in a dark place, dry and airy, to prevent that they germinate. Do not store in the refrigerator. It is not advisable to store them next to the onion, those precipitate its deterioration.

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