Tilapia on tamalaes with sauce Spanish

1 – This dish has a consistency to be a full meal as well as exquisite, It unites the traditional with the exotic and gives us flavors that will not cease to amaze us.

2 – First of all the fish we will prepare it in a frying pan which we covered her bottom with olive oil, hot once the oil add the fish properly seasoned with black pepper and a little salt, Once we check that it is juicy but not crude we depart.

3 – We will introduce this fish tamales, and then apply it over Spanish sauce.

4 – This sauce is recommended to perform it with mortar because then we will have a sauce composed of tiny pieces of ingredients without being a sauce too liquid or liquefied. If you prefer a softer texture, you can use a blender.

5 – We will make the Spanish sauce by mixing drained capers, olives Green, preferably the olives stuffed with anchovies, a green pepper and a few drops of tabasco.

6 – If you prefer a smoother sauce can be replaced the tabasco by another option. We sprinkle tilapia that we have placed on tamales and serve accompanied by Mexican-style rice.

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