Everything you need to know about cooking techniques

cooking techniques

Today I want to share with you 6 skills that can make the difference when it comes to cooking ingredients and find new flavours and textures. Here we will explain them in detail, the techniques of cookingmost used and how to achieve best results every time.


This method of cooking light, also known as water bath, It is perfect for food and delicate vegetables such as fish (already be whole, in steak or shredded). The vitamins and minerals that are lost during this type of procedure are minimum and not need use FAT, So is particularly suitable for those people that are to diet. The type of the material of the container where the kitchen is of no importance, Although can affect the flavor slightly. However, It is advisable that it is large enough, so the food not be crowded.

What you need to know....


Use a pan with lid, that fit, to retain steam. Season well with advance or stay very rugged

Keep at a constant temperature and boiling the Pan liquid, so the fish will cook quickly

Make sure that the fish have sufficient clearance in the Pan; of the opposite, cooked unevenly.


Can cook to the steam almost any type of vegetable; However those that are at the basis of starches, as the potatoes, not cooked very well

Be sure to cut all vegetables into pieces of the same size, So Cook way it uniform.

Serve immediately after cooking, to avoid loss of vitamins and minerals.

Attempt of adding a handful of herbs, as Basil, cilantro, and dill, to the cooking water, to soak them in a light and fragrant smell.


What you should know...

FRY is a healthy way to cook vegetables, meat, fish (Preferably the variations of firm flesh) pasta & seafood; requiring a minimum of oil; In addition the cooking times need means that foods lose less nutrients. The food is quickly FRY in very hot oil, stirring constantly, so avoid burning or sticking.

-The oil in the Pan or bowl should be very hot before adding any ingredient

-All food should be cut into pieces of similar size, so to cook evenly, and then add them in order, and gradually, Depending on your cooking time. The harder vegetables, as carrots, must add is before them sheets and those of the pulp soft, as tomatoes.


What you should know....

This is a quick method, that produces an appetizing texture crispy and Golden. It is a lot healthier than frying technique, as foods are cooked on a grill where excess fat is removed. Is very suitable for fish whole, fish fillets and pieces of tender meat.

Meat and fish:

-Wet with oil or with a marinade meat and season it well before cooking. Remember to flip it at least one time in the process, to allow the heat to penetrate well and cook on both sides.

-Chicken breasts will be more tender if you leave them in a marinade of acidic base, as juice of lemon or lime, or vinegar, Durante 5 minutes. Drain well before putting on the grill, to avoid that are ahumé or are splashing the soot.

-The fish,  the meat to the grill are delicious if is them sprayed a generous layer of oil of olive of good quality


-Vegetables very soft pulp and high water content, as peppers, Pumpkins, eggplants, the fennel, mushrooms and tomatoes, are especially appropriate for cooking with this method.

-Avoid cooking roots grilled.

-Roast vegetables with white and purple cabbage salad, very common in restaurants.

-Spread a little oil over the vegetables and turn them over regularly while they are cooking.


What you should know....

This procedure is used for cooking small pieces of tender meat, fish fillets, seafood and vegetable. However, If features of a pan large

You can prepare whole fish or fillets of larger size.

cooking techniques

Fry meat and fish:

-Hot very well the pan for a few minutes, to fire medium before cooking

-To avoid the oil to jump while preparing the sauce, spread the ingredients with the oil rather than extend it on the frying pan.

Sauté vegetables:

-Sauté vegetables in a bit of olive oil, garlic and seasonings is fast and easy and is little likely that is over cooked.

-You can prepare any type of vegetables with this method, except real estate and those that contain starches, as the potatoes.

-Prepare them with anticipation and stir-fry just before serving, manner which maintains its texture crispy and its bright color..


It's cooking meat, fish or vegetable using dry heat, usually with attached sauce, in an oven.

What you should know....


-Tender cuts like steaks of hake, Lamb or pork can be cooked at high temperature.

-The thickest portions, as the pernil pork, they must be roasted longer and at lower temperatures, to soften the meat.

-To save all the juices and prevent the meat from drying too after asada, Let it relax is to temperature environment during 15-20 minutes, so the juices are distributed in all the meat


-The best vegetables for grilling include carrots, Potatos, radishes, onions, Pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers.

-If the skin does not is hard, a good rubbed is best to peel the.

-To achieve a golden appetizing, place the vegetables on a tray for baking, spread the oil and shake the pan to cover them completely.


Ingredients tender and full of flavor are the main features of a pan of stew. Not there is a better way of give them flavor and make more tender them

Cheap meat, as the neck, the shoulder or the leg of beef. These courts require long, slow cooking, to transform them into truly memorable food.

What you should know....

-Do not use cuts of meat tender in this method of cooking.

-During the cooking, Let the mixture boil over low heat, but not to spurt, or the meat will harden more.

I hope that these cooking techniques you will make incredible and very delicious dishes.

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