Pies and tarts

  • It comes from Europe the tradition of baking meat, vegetables and fruits in sheets.
  • The cakes have managed to spread in the world and each region has their favorite recipe.
  • Usually the difference between cake and cake is that the first is covered with dough.

To achieve the classic crisp effect on the masses of blades:

1. Avoid kneading more not serve gluten.
2. Avoid giving heat, so our hands we use as little as possible, helping us with corne, scrapers or footboard, tools that facilitate the technique of sabering, or make the masses directly with processor.
3. It is recommended that water and the butter cold for the realization of the masses.

cake Strawberry

We consider:

1. Heavy mass that carry more than 500 grams of fat per kilogram of flour.
2. Medium-sized mass that carry 500 grams of fat per kilogram of flour.
3. light dough that take up less than 500 grams of fat per kilogram of flour.

These masses are saved 7 days in refrigerator or 3 days if they take leavening agents.

To prevent those stuffed moisture from penetrating the masses, We can proof to choosing some of these resources:

1. Brush the dough just remove from oven with whites that this fine film is cooked by heat.
2. Brush the dough cooked with hydrated and dissolved unflavored gelatin.
3. spread the already cooked and cold dough with some thick cake or melted chocolate.

creamy pie

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