Cold cucumber soup

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Cold cucumber soup
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Today we bring you a different recipe, very easy preparation and that just takes us about 15 minutes to prepare it and who will pay for four people. It's a cold dish and it's a soup. Is these special summer cold soup, where you not only need to drink a lot of liquids, but we are also looking for a quick-to-prepare dish and that it is nutritious. As well, the cucumber soup is a recipe vegan that is ideal for this and meets all these requirements!
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
0 min
prep time
15 min
cooking time
0 min
  • Medium-sized cucumbers: Two (approximately 250 grams).
  • Not sugary natural soy yogurts: Four.
  • Spearmint: Approximately 30 grams.
  • Pepper and salt
  1. First we take two cucumbers, wash and Peel. Then cut them into small pieces. Paragraphs we then.
  2. If we have a "kitchen appliance" either can serve as any other Blender put the contents of four yogurts in the glass or container of our mixer. Add pepper and salt, both measures to taste. Then we add the good grass.
  3. We beat all these ingredients very well to achieve that they blended perfectly. A few minutes will be enough.
  4. Then we add the cucumbers that we had cut in small pieces previously and after this
  5. time to chop and blend everything.
  6. And that's our ready-to-serve and take soup! Let us remember that it is a cold soup.
  7. Note: They can gather all the steps and directly to crush and mix all together. It is a personal choice, but as we have described previously will be better mixed all the ingredients.
  8. Another thing that you can do before you start the whole procedure is to place the yogurt in the freezer or freezer a few minutes before preparing this delicious dish. Thus we achieve that our soup is cold.
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