Salt for hypertensive home

Herb salt

Replace common salt can be very beneficial.

In fact this salt is very cheap and you can do it at home.

It can be used by all, even for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

The low concentration of sodium and the use of aromatic and medicinal herbs make this very healthy salt.

Of course, There can be no exaggeration, Since any excess is harmful.

But you can be sure: This salt is tasty and better for health than regular salt.

The herbs that make up this salt are very beneficial to health.

Rosemary is stimulating, stimulates mental activity (memory), the heart, the nerves, the stress and anxiety of combat.

Basil is rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin C.

Due to the presence of magnesium, improves the health of the cardiovascular system, It stimulates the muscles and blood vessels are relaxed, It improves blood flow and reduces the risk of cardiac arrhythmias.

Basil has flavonoids that protect cellular structures against the chromosomes of radiation and against the effects of free radicals.

It is also anti-inflammatory, digestive, stimulating, sedative, It prevents infection in the bowel and digestive problems.

Oregano has high antioxidant activity, Since it contains flavonoids and phenolic acids, and antimicrobial properties, that makes it good to help preserve food.

What, among other things, stimulating gastric and biliary functions, is sedative, antiparasitic, expectorant, diuretic, carminative, emmenagogue, diaphoresis; relieve rheumatic pains; It stimulates the nervous system and appetite.

Then we show you how to make this salt at home:

Salt herbs recipe
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prep time
5 min
total time
5 min
prep time
5 min
total time
5 min
  • 20 grams of dried Rosemary
  • 20 grams of dried Basil
  • 20 grams of dried oregano
  • 10 grams of sea salt
  • Use a scale to calculate with precision the 20 grams of each ingredient.
  • But if not, used as a measure of a spoonful for herbs and, in the case of salt, half a tablespoon.
  1. Blend all ingredients well.
  2. Storing herbs salt in a closed vessel.
  3. Used as a substitute of common salt in recipes.
  4. The amount is the same as if you would use common salt.
  5. The advantage is that brackets and taste have a reduced amount of sodium.
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