Fillings for cakes

fillings for cakes


Then I present different options for fillings for cakes, decorations, etc. Each devised for every taste. I hope you like them. Successes!

Filling for cake mix vanilla

11st option:  

This first option consists of a vanilla cake mix, which are going to be cut in 2 halves or more (Depending on the size of the same), embed with syrup, mix250 grams of milk with250 grams of cream; spread the mixture over the layers of the sponge cake. Cover the cake withchocolate coating owhipped cream and garnish with a cherry or Strawberry.

21st option:

For this version we will need a chocolate or vanilla cake mix (According to our preference). Cut into 2 o 3 half the cake mix, moisten with Porto mixed with syrup. Fill withwhipped cream  in the first layer, and spread overstrawberries cut finely.On the second layer put sweet of milk mixed with a bit of cream (100 grams of each ingredient) and spread overpeaches cut into slices. For decoration are going tomelting chocolate to bath Mary and cover all the cake mix; decorate with some strawberries, Peach and make at the edges some decorations withwhipped cream.

31st option:

For this alternative will require avanilla cake mix. Cut into halves, embed just a little withsyrup, in the first layer, fill with milk caramel (250 grams) mixed with 2 teaspoons ofinstant coffee, then put on toppuff pastry dough (You can get lists in the bakery, either an option that will take out them of troubles is buying for pascualina puff pastry and cook some 12/15 minutes in the oven), brush with a little more than milk and just place another layer of cake mix; Repeat the procedure with the next layer. Cover withcreamChantilly. decorate withchocolate curls. This option is ideal to accompany with a rich coffee with milk, tea, etc.

Filling for chocolate cake mix

This is the option that is most beloved by children. For their preparation will need achocolate cake mix. Cut into 2 o 3 halves, fill withmilk caramel (500 grams) spreadchocolate sprinkles in each of the layers. Decorate withchocolate coating o whipped cream, decorate with candy that like them more (chocolates, umbrella Palm of chocolate,rockletsfruit gummies).

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