Licorice for slimming

licorice sticks

Because we should not eat any candy?

One of the reasons why costs us so much starting a diet, It is having to give up those small pleasures or whims that soothe the anxiety. We refer to those products that are composed based on rapidly absorbed simple sugars, that simply by reading the label already add it 1000 calories and do not contributeno nutritional benefit. In addition to producing a quick lifting of the Glycemic level in blood, containempty calories as well as artificial additives and flavoring, that in the long run it may be harmful to health.

Its attractive colors, thepackaging which presents and advertising is their best weapon to seduce us, to invite us to succumb to the temptation to. We all know the saying"bitter sweet to anyone", However very few are aware that it's a completely psychological Act. I mean, When we have a momentum unstoppable eating something sweet we tend to blame our body needs it, becoming a too frequent habit and even generating some addiction.

licorice sticks


Because the licorice plant may be the perfect treat for weight loss?

Perhaps those flavors take us back to the past, our children and allows us to escape from what surrounds us. Always, without any exception, We can use amuch healthier alternative. Today we invite you to go back in time, travel to our childhood and recover some habits. Everyone will remember thosesticks of licorice that we used to call paloduz, palodu or palulú, that you seem to absolutely nothing to "plastic" tubes that are today sold in stores.

By the peculiar flavor of its roots, they have a slight sweetness, It serves as the basis for numerous desserts or drinks. We also canbiting and chewing the root directly, quenching the desire to drink something sweet so naturally. At least, We will spend the day entertaining and at the same time we will take advantage of its medicinal properties. The licorice is a great expectorant and anti-inflammatory, by helping to relieve the symptoms of cold and prevent stomach heaviness.

Licorice against smoking

It's a very appropriate for smokers "candy", not only because it replaces the habit of cigarette in lips, but because it contains active ingredients that help to detoxify the body, making it more unpleasant to the taste of tobacco. Can still be found in small markets and health food shops at an affordable price.

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