By Beto pastry  

julio 21, 2016

Many times us has happened that the classic buns for burgers that can find in any supermarket, We break, they cracked when placing the meat, or simply, you know "something" is not precisely bread. We bring a way of making our own bread, sure we will be a lot more tasty.

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 6 muffins


1To make the loaves, I recommend the Breadmaker.

2To use the Breadmaker, put the following ingredients: butter, Salt, milk, sugar, egg, flour and yeast. Leave it to knead on the hour and forty minutes, Although it will depend on the bread that we use.

3When is the dough made, We can give a little with the roller to see the texture that has acquired and give a couple of kneaded manuals if we need. When we created it is OK, We start to cut small pieces, more like possible, to make the dumplings.

4A time made and shaped, We put them in the oven tray, sufficiently separated so that when they leven will not interfere each other. We them to 50 ° in the oven for a few minutes so be lifted. Swollen once, take out of the oven, check, e introduce oven safe (180º) until golden brown.

5When they are already with their color, them we can paint with water and add seeds, and again put in the oven for a few minutes.

6The rest, is easy, Add meat, sauces, cheese and vegetables to pleasure.


Ingredients for about six rolls:

250 GR of milk, preferably whole

10 g of salt

An egg

60 GR of butter

500 GR of flour

An envelope of yeast

15 GR of sugar

Sesame seeds or similar to decorate

For meat:


Sauces of various kinds (the taste of each)


Cheese melted


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