Mexican cheese vs French cheeses


Mexican cheeses

In Mexico, the cheese is a key ingredient in many dishes.

Mexico produces cheese from the colonial era, It is one of the Favorites in the cocinamexicana, but not both cheese and other European countries.

Mexico has 20 different types of cheese, made mostly with artisan raw milk. It is not a very developed industry that is necessary to give greater recognition around the world of Mexican cheese types.

A well known in Mexico cheese is Oaxaca cheese, cheese or cheese asedero tambienllamado, It has a peculiar form with a ball, because the cheese is estiradurante processing in several bands and, At last, wrapped in a bolaconocido as Oaxaca cheese.

Cheese is one of the most consumed by the inhabitants of this country, widely used in her kitchen to the famous quesadillas, stuffed chiles, pasta, etc.

French cheeses

French cheeses are very tasty and there are many types in France.

France is one of the countries with greater production of cheese, producing more than 350 different types of cheese, but only 40 have received the seal of quality.

But there is no doubt that if you go to France, you just have to visit the city and aprendermas about this country but also in your kitchen, includes a variety of cheeses.

There are mainly six types of cheeses in France:

1. Blue. As the Roquefort.
2. Hard. As Morbier or Cantal.
3. Soft. As Livarot or Langres.
4. Goat. Cabécou or Pélardon.
5. White rust. As Camembert and Chaource.

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