Stew of spinach chickpeas and cod

Stew of spinach chickpeas and cod
This recipe is perfect for the winter and especially for the time of lent where you can not eat meat, is a dish wonderful to which you can replace the spinach by chard that already to the taste of each one. Then I leave the recipe full of as prepares and all its ingredients, If you change any ingredient agree you of put you the proportions that you touch. (do not you valláis to meet with hunger)
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  • - 400g of chickpeas.
  • - 700g of spinach.
  • - 150g of cod.
  • - 100g of onion.
  • - 4 Tablespoons spoons of oil.
  • - 1 Bay leaf.
  • - 1/2 Head of garlic.
  • - 1 Peeled garlic clove.
  • - 1 Tablespoon of paprika.
  • - 1 Sprig of parsley.
  • - 1 Large ripe tomato.
  • - A tablespoon tablespoon of flour.
  • - Water.
  • - Salt.
  1. The first thing we will buy good chickpeas and put them to soak overnight before preparing recipe will be.
  2. We will also take a large pot filled with cold water and let soak cod, to desalt it so it is important that you use a pot large and wide so that it better desale. The minimum water needs to be changed 4 times, out of the pot and rinse it to remove the salt that is in the background.
  3. When comes time to make the stew, what we will do will be, put in a pot with water hot, an onions small whole, medium whole garlic head, ja it laurel and the previously drained and rinsed chickpeas.(all of this with hot water but not to boil).
  4. The next step is to cook for two hours and a half, After that time insert the cod leaving it to Cook during 20 minutes more all-in-one. We wash the spinach, removing stems and miss the pot leaving Cook 15 minutes more.
  5. To go running out we much chop onion and will miss it in a pan where we previously put oil to heat, Sauté over 10 minutes. We will cut a tomato and add seedless, flour fried well and finally the paprika over low heat.
  6. And to finish once fried everything we pass it by the mixer thus leaving a rather thick sauce, We will miss the sauce in the pot of chickpeas and rectificaremos salt if necessary. In a mortar, we machacaremos the parsley with a clove of garlic and add a spoonful of soup broth, It will add in the pot moving carefully and it'll Cook during 15 minutes.
  7. Now it is ready to serve and serve our guests.
  • This is a dish that not to all the world has by that like him but their flavors are amazing also not takes meat by which carries little fat. If a time check this recipe not you convinces try with another type of stew all are amazing and it best of all are healthy.
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