Healing powers of the onion

properties of onion

Below we will describe the healing powers of the onion and what are its main therapeutic benefits:

1.- Improves blood circulation.- Combat the following circulatory-type diseases:

– Antithrombotic properties (helps prevent the formation of blood clots).

– Lowers cholesterol.

– Arteriosclerosis.

– Angina.

–  Hemorrhoids and many other ailments related to poor blood circulation.

2.- He has diuretic powers.- Helps remove excess fluids from the body, match the following diseases:

– The drop.

– The edema.

– Bladder-related diseases.

– Hydropesy or fluid buildup in a cavity or tissue.

– Very appropriate to fight rheumatism.

3.- Promotes digestion.

– Stimulates some organs such as the liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

– If your stomach is delicate or acidity, try to avoid the consumption of onions.

4.- It's Anantic.- May improve some inflammatory bowel problems such as gluten intolerance or ulcerative colitis (Crohn's disease).

5.- It is an important Bactericidal.- Fighting infectious processes of the respiratory system:

– The flu.

– The cold.

– Bronchitis.

– Cold.

6.- Combating allergy.

– Helps reduce the allergic reaction caused by pollen.

7.- It is said to be Aphrodisiac.

Uses in the kitchen

Onion is the main ingredient in some of the following dishes:

– Onions stuffed with meat.

– Caramelized onion.

– Onion omelette.

– Candied onion.

Tips on onion:

– It is beautifully preserved and for longer in a cool, dry place.

– Contributes to eliminating warts, applying the vinegar mixture twice each day with the juice of an onion crushed over those.

– It's a good disinfectant in insect bites. You must crush a fresh onion and soak the sting with the juice.

–  One trick not to cry when you cut onions is to put it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

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