Healing powers of Rosemary

healing powers of Rosemary

Then we will describe thehealing powers Romero, and what are its main therapeutic benefits:

1.- Powerful antioxidant:

It has many antioxidant properties, Therefore, It can help to treat some diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and osteoarthritis.

2.- Digestive system:

– It stimulates the digestive and hepatic apparatus.
– It promotes digestion.
– It prevents swelling, the acidity of stomach, the flatulence.

3.- Against bad breath:

As it has bactericidal properties, fighting halitosis. It is very effective to perform mouthwashes with the infusion of the plant in one liter water.

4.- It regulates the difficult menstruation:

He collaborates in the regulation of dysmenorrhoea or painful rule.

5.- Antibacterial:

Its properties to help treat:
– Food poisoning.
– Some STDs such as gonorrhea (always complementing the treatment with antibiotics).
– You have to take an infusion of one teaspoon of dried plant per cup of water. Do this two times a day.

6.- Combats anemia.

7.- Decreases muscle pain

Add to the bath water a litre of fluid resulting from infusion of one liter of water and a handful of dried Rosemary plants, for baths for half an hour, They help treat:
– The cramps.
– Relax muscles.


Uses in the kitchen:

Rosemary is a very important ingredient in any of the following dishes:
– Leg of Lamb with Rosemary.
– Kid with Rosemary with honey sauce.
– Chicken Baked with Rosemary.
– Red wine and Rosemary baked trout.
– Pork ribs with Rosemary honey.
– Apple and Rosemary baked chicken.
– Potatoes with Rosemary.

Tips on Rosemary:

– You can save whole or ground (always deleting the Woody trunk).
– Is recommended to keep in a container of glass away from heat, light and moisture to better preserve its properties.
– A few leaves sprinkled on salads, provide a very Mediterranean flavour.
– A handful of dried flowers kept in a fabric bag, It serves to suppress odors in confined environments.

Important: ask always a herbalist, the proportions can be taken of this spice in an infusion to combat any medical condition, because its excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

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