Healing powers of anise

anise healing powers

Healing powers of anise and are major therapeutic benefits

1.- Treat or regulate the complicated periods:

– Irregular menstruation.

– The painful menstruation.

– Menstrual periods that are delayed.

 2.- It is an aphrodisiac.

 3.- It is expectorant.

Serves to relieve and treat respiratory diseases irregularities as:

– Cold.

– Bronchitis.

– Asthma.

 4.- It helps to improve various diseases or disorders of the digestive system:

– Decrease of aerophagia or flatulence, helping the disappearance of bloating.

– Gastritis and acidity of stomach, both of nervous origin.

– The stomach pain or gastralgia.

– It serves to whet the appetite in some disorders such as anorexia nervosa.

– Halitosis or bad breath.

– Relief of cramps and colic intestinal.

– The slow digestion.

5.- Nervous system.

– It acts as a sedative to calm nerves in diseases like nervousness since it calms the nerves and anxiety. 

6.- Is diuretic. 


Uses in the kitchen

Anise is an important ingredient in the following dishes:

– Honey on pancakes (recipe Spanish).

– Pestiños.

– Santiagans alfajores (argentina recipe).

– Anise arepitas (recipe venezolana).

– Anise yogurt bread.

– Anise doughnuts.

Tips on the anise:

– Incorporate it during cooking.

– You must use it moderately due to its intense aroma.

– Be prudent with the consumption of star anise, already that high doses can be toxic; use is not recommended in pregnancy during long periods of time or at high doses.

Very important:

Ask always a herbalist, the proportions can be taken of this spice in an infusion, to combat any medical condition, because its excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

– It can be used as a repellent for insects.

– You should use it sparingly.

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