Healing powers of vanilla

healing powers of vanilla

We will then describe the healing powers of vanilla and what are its main therapeutic benefits:

1.- Digestive system:

It's a mild digestive, whose main functions are:

– Stimulate the appetite.

– Regulate appetite.

2.- Aphrodisiac:

You must prepare a mixture consisting of leave maderar during a 20 days,  7 dried pods in one liter of alcoholic beverage, you have to take 15 daily drops that you distribute in 3 Thomas. You should not drink it under any circumstances, in the following cases:

– If you are pregnant.

– If you suffer from nervous illness.

– If you have heart problems

– When you have stomach ailments.

– When it is taken in infusion, It helps to maintain libido and reduce sexual impotence.

3.- It has antioxidant properties:

For this reason, is believed that consumption of vanilla is preventive of Alzheimer's or cancer.

4.- It has soothing powers:

 It has antidepressant capacity. To do this, much used in aromatherapy sessions.

5.- It is encouraging to:

For those who are in low psychological and physical form.

vanilla sugar

vanilla sugar


Uses in the kitchen

Vanilla is a very important ingredient in any of the following dishes:

– Dulce de leche and cream-filled sponge cake.

– Peach and coconut pudding.

– Rice pudding.

– Fritters.

– Vanilla biscuit.

– Vanilla cookies.

Tips on vanilla:

– If you want to keep the pods of this plant you must put them in sugar and put them in a closed glass jar.

– Apart from the pods of this plant, vanilla can also be found on the market in other formats: vanilla powder and sugar spun.

– It can be used to scent rooms and clothes; This is must crush the pods of this spice in alcohol. Never should eat.

– Very important: ask always a herbalist, the proportions can be taken of this spice in an infusion, to combat any medical condition, because its excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

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