Navarro Pepito ("Montadito")

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Navarro Pepito ("Montadito")
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I'd like to show you a last recipe in our special "summer Express". It's a delicious montadito since it contains among others: chile oil, Caramelized Onion and red pepper. Do we begin?
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
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  • – 2 pork loin fillets (by montadito)
  • -Goat cheese
  • -Gorgonzola cheese
  • -Onion (White, If it is possible)
  • -Red pepper
  • -Chile oil
  1. If you do not yet have noticed, I love cheese, I like so much that you could eat it both as an aperitif, in the food, or as a dessert (with a good piece of Quince, for example), And yes, today's recipe contains two of my favorite cheeses: goat cheese, and gorgonzola cheese.
  2. To begin I will tell you that the bread ciabatta in montadito bought it at Aldi, but you can also find it in different supermarkets and bakeries in the neighborhood.
  3. He plays to caramelize the onion, personally and to save time I like to cut the onion into small pieces, place in the skillet and then add one or two tablespoons of sugar along with a small glass of water. I put it to maximum power and leave to boil until only the caramelized onion. Once ready, reserve.
  4. Then FRY red pepper. To make you more comfortable, I advise that you use a can of red pepper strips (among others, You can get it in Mercadona and Consum).
  5. In a frying pan add a splash of oil from chile (sale in Lidl or Aldi) over a frying pan hot, and fry the peppers about 3 minutes.
  6. In the same pan and to take advantage of the spicy oil, FRY a couple of steaks from loin by montadito. While they end up cooking, We will begin to toast bread.
  7. Cut two pieces of cheese of goat for each montadito, and we do the same with the gorgonzola cheese. We reserve.
  8. Once we have everything ready, is time to serve our montadito.
  9. So is it more scrap possible, I like to put cheese gorgonzola cheese on warm bread and then add remaining ingredients.
  10. About the gorgonzola cheese, Add the caramelized onion and red bell pepper.
  11. Then place two fillets of pork loin and goat cheese.
  12. We close the bread and attack!
  13. From that I tried it it has become one of my "montaditos" favorite, Since chile oil gives an indescribable flavor.
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