Nutritional guidelines for children and adolescents


Childhood and adolescence are stages in the life of a person which are acquired most of the eating habits that it will then accompany the rest of life. This does not mean that nutrition is only important during childhood and adolescence, nor, that certain less healthy eating habits cannot be changed during other stages. But the truth is that children and adolescents need adequate nutrition and a balanced diet, provide them with all the nutrients needed for proper growth and enough energy to meet their needs. Parents have, on this issue, a lot to say.

Guidelines for proper child nutrition

Parents should understand, first and foremost, that children were getting to theirs much earlier than adults, so it's important to learn with them when to stop eating. This involves forgetting the classic habit of eating everything you put on the plate, because the portion may be greater than the amount the child needs.

Child nutrition is in the hands of parents. Not only because they can decide what kind of foods can and can't consume the little ones, but also because the parents' diet is a role model for children. Parents who eat a balanced diet will have a more ease to get their children to do the same.

Another vital fact is to understand that food cannot be treated as a prize or punishment. So that children don't make such an association, it's good that they always access healthy and attractive foods, regardless of their behavior.

Food is not good or bad, in themselves. It is the way and the amount that is consumed that can be problematic.

adolescent nutrition

A balanced diet in adolescence

Just as achieving proper nutrition in the little ones is, Basically, controllable work by parents, adolescents' diet may be out of control. Adolescents place great importance on the body and appearance, something that often leads to drastic changes in their diets.

To keep teens balanced from the nutrients needed, it is important for parents to start from childhood to create these kinds of habits in them. In this way, adolescents will be more aware of what proper feeding means and, Presumably, will not suffer excessive problems regarding their physical appearance or eating habits.

Encouraging teens to combine balanced diet with physical exercise is vital to their growth. Avoiding sedentary life in adolescence will facilitate healthy growth.

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