Pesto pasta

Pesto pasta
Pesto pasta
Do pasta you like? There are many easy pasta recipes, It is pasta carbonara or pasta to the donkey. But without a doubt pasta Al pesto is the best, This is a recipe easily. Genoese pesto pasta is a delicious Italian recipe, whose ingredients main, they are Basil and pine nuts, but many people also put garlic, Since it gives a very good touch and also provides all the properties of garlic to the dish, you are not just few.
  1. Ingredients for the pasta to the pesto
  2. 60 g of basil leaves.
  3. 40 grams of pine nuts
  4. 1 or 2 cloves of garlic
  5. 250 GR. olive oil.
  6. Salt
  7. 100 GR. Parmesan cheese
  1. The preparation of pesto
  2. 1. Chop the leaves of Basil. Take the pine nuts, garlic, the leaves of Basil that have and a bit of salt and it blend very well with the blender or with the mortar. Add a little oil so they emulsify well, as if make Aioli.
  3. 2. Add cheese. If we are going to use the pasta in that time, Add the cheese, to make the pesto pasta with added flavor. This step does not is mandatory to make the pasta to the pesto, Since it is possible that no cheese like many people.
  4. 3. Boil the pasta. Put the pasta to the water and boil it. Once we have it, It put everything (the pasta and the sauce) in a frying pan. This step is very important if we want to make a paste to the pesto ideal.
  5. 4. Heat the frying pan. Put the pan to fire slow and go removing the pasta to the pesto to the flavor of the sauce is homogeneous. This trick is very important make it slightly before serving the pasta to the pesto.
  6. 5. Accompany. It is not an essential step, but this pasta dish with pesto sauce with a good wine accompany, makes it even more tasty and if you are in the company will be a true romantic and special dinner.
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