Brunette paella

Brunette paella
Brunette paella
  1. -Olive oil
  2. -Salt
  3. -Rice
  4. -Artichokes
  5. -Beans
  6. -Paprika
  7. -Garlic
  8. -Fish broth
  9. -Vegetable stock
  10. -Sepia
  11. -Sepionets
  12. -Tomato
  13. -Onion
  1. Place oil pan Centre, Since is hot fry the onion until it is transparent.
  2. Add the garlic and the sepia, beans, tomato and artichokes into small pieces.
  3. FRY and incorporates the paprika and then the rice, Finally upload the fire.
  4. Pour the broth to cover the paella pan. When the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked, the dish will be ready.
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