Vegetable paella

Vegetable paella

Vegetable paella is one of the meals that most they may surprise you, by the color that lets you to rice has nothing to do with the spectacular flavour.

Not the meat like a lot of people, or don't feel them at a given time. For them better than this rice with vegetable paella recipe.

We can get you the variety of vegetables that we want. The main thing is that we always put fresh products, If not we have of them it better will be frozen, but never canned.

– 250 grams of olive oil.                              – 500 grams of rice.
-1 Medium onion.                                                – 1 Eggplant.
-1 red pepper.                                                     – 200 grams of beans.
-1 Pepper view.                                                      – 100 grams of shelled tender broad beans.
-2 Grated ripe tomatoes.                                 – 1 Bunch of garlic.
-3 Artichokes.                                                        – 1 Clove garlic, chopped fine.
-1 Tablespoon of paprika.                            – 1 Zucchini.        
– Water or vegetable broth.                                      – Saffron or food coloring.
– Salt.


Chop all the vegetables into small pieces of 3 o 4 cm. and cut the peppers lengthwise into strips about 2 o 3 cm.

Add the oil and once this smoky, then we will miss the onion. Once you start has softened, We will miss him the rest of vegetables and a very low heat rehogaremos for a few 15 minutes, stirring frequently so you release the juice and not burning.

Then will miss the grated tomato and sauté 5 minutes more (a Council if paella is stuck driving tomato where sticking with a paddle and you rascáis without fear that ara that are not small.)

A time after them 5 minutes then will miss you the paprika and a minute later the rice and colouring. FRY set during 1 minute more and add the minced garlic and the vegetable stock or water approximately twice as much as rice.
Let Cook over high heat for 18 minutes.

It is important that we move fire controlling and testing the rice so that it is not crude or we burn. If we see that we were without broth do not be afraid in adding what you need.

(It is possible that rice will leave Green, This is normal since the artichoke leaves that color).

Prepare this recipe is something normal for the Valencian people since they are used to prepare paella in all forms, each and every one of these paellas are incredible flavor. Do not fail to prepare paella is an awesome recipe, you just have to change some ingredients, but the way to do it is the same.

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