Oysters: a piece of sea, at the table

cooked oysters

We tell you some secrets and tricks to make the most of one of the most consumed molluscs in Europe

The popular imagination associates them with luxury and glamour, with cava as essential companion, although some oyster bars already offer tastings at popular prices. Be that as it may, oysters are a culinary delicacy without medium: you love them or you hate them. No half-inks. We have to take into account some things if we want to enjoy properly … and open them without tearing them apart!

Three varieties

First of all, we should know that there are three main varieties of oysters: the flat, round, Delicate, fine and sweet; Portuguese, often said 'ostrón', elongated and rough-shelled, and the Pacific, which is big and triangular. All varieties have health benefits, Since, like many other bivalve, oysters are rich in minerals, such as iron, copper and iodine, vitamins (TO, B, C and D).
sopa de ostras

An exquisite oyster soup

At the right time

Oysters, once bought, should not be kept many days. They should be consumed no later than three days after, and should be kept cold and with the round side face down, to prevent them from losing water. That's why it's important that you buy them fresh and with the shell intact. They must smell to sea and wear a label that ensures purification. The best season is from October to April, so at Christmas they are a very precious and consumed food, even if the price is a little high.

On the table, raw, on crushed ice, to keep them fresh. Add a few drops of lemon when you open them, to give them the end point. However, they also accept cooking as the soft pickle, plastering and gratin. They can also be served with a cream-based sauce.

cooked oysters

Gratining oysters is a good choice

The key moment

Opening the oysters is, Surely, the most feared moment by most. It is best to take a cloth so as not to cut with the shell. Place the oyster with the round part down and nail the opener to the point where the two parts of the shell meet, making a move until they open completely. Remember that you should open up at the right time of consuming them and that you should not keep them open for long, because they get damaged with some speed.

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