Nuts to improve your heart

nuts for heart

According to recent a study, nuts can be beneficial to the heart because they reducecholesterol obstructingarteries. Some investigators were subjected to 18 healthy volunteers, male sex, to two different controlled diets for two months. One was a common low-cholesterol regimen in which walnuts were not allowed to be consumed. The second was similar, except that some of the fats and proteins from meat and dairy products were replaced with nuts.

For a month, half of the volunteers were subject to the diet comprising nuts, while the rest followed the other; then, groups changed regimes. Cholesterol concentration decreased by approximately 7 percent when they didn't consume nuts, while it was reduced by a 12 percent extra when if you ingested it.

Although it is not known for certain whynuts reduce the amount of cholesterol, scientists assume that one reason may be that they are a good source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. When volunteers ingested walnuts, your consumption of saturated fats, who are undesirable, low by a third, even though the total amount of fat in both diets was similar.

The inclusion of nuts in the diet can be an easy way to reduce your risk of heart disease, say the experts who led this study. However, warn that nuts are high in calories, people who include them in their regimen should suppress an equivalent amount of calories from other foods to avoid gaining weight.

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