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Soy is one of those foods of great popularity that collect supporters and detractors, in the same amount. While some people present dozens of soy benefits others are responsible for making it clear that such soy benefits are not so much. What is really true about this legume is that its production and marketing went from being almost non-existent in the countries of the West, to become one of the most common crops in many countries. That's why for many, talk about soy benefits has nothing to do with talking about the physical health of the body, but the economic of certain pockets.


The Truths About the Benefits of Soy

That soy is a protein supplement is true. It is a legume and the protein content is common to them, although it is usually low (of the order of the 20%).

Soy is an adult food, because it has thousands of years of history. Although in its dating there are differences of centuries – some place it in the fifteenth century BC. and others in the 12th century BC - the truth is that it is an ancient food.

Another of the soy benefits is that it collaborates in the reduction of the LDL protein or "bad cholesterol", so it also contributes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

But when it comes to soy benefits, it should be borne in mind that one of the main sectors benefiting from soybean consumption is not the ultimate customers of this product, but those who trade with it, because their effective marketing campaigns have led soybeans to be present in many places.

The myths about the benefits of soybeans

Marketing campaigns behind soybeans have brought the product to every household, since the list of benefits endorses it. However, many of the soy benefits are just a myth.

It has been insisted that soy is a protein substitute for foods such as meat or fish, However, legumes do not have the sulphur amino acids needed to match meat or fish.

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