Mini gazpacho

Mini gazpacho


Plum tomatoes 4

½ red pepper

pepper green ½

cucumber ½

Onion ¼

oil of olive infused in Basil 100 CC

Cranberry dressing 15 CC

Salt fine c/n.


Wash all the vegetables and reserve. Make a cut in cross to tomatoes and incorporate them in a pot with boiling water for one minute. Remove and place in a bowl of water cold to stop the cooking. Then Peel and book.

Cut the rest of them vegetable in large pieces and incorporate them along with the tomato to a processing to achieve a fluid homogeneous, salt to taste and incorporate the oil of olive infused in Basil and the dressing of blueberries. Process to achieve a perfect emulsion. In small shot glasses and garnish with red and green bell pepper brunoise

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