Jam nuts and chestnuts

Jam nuts and chestnuts
  1. 800 GRS. chestnut
  2. 3 sprigs of vanilla
  3. 750 GRS. sugar
  4. Water
  5. 50 GRS. apricot jam
  1. To prepare the recipe of Marmalade of fruits dried and chestnuts, First we should wash well the chestnuts, and make him a cut to her around, then we put them in a saucepan and put it to cook slowly to soften them to fire.
  2. Then drain the chestnuts you took it shell and it put again in a pan with water and the twigs of vanilla, and a little sugar to cook them until they are soft for us.
  3. We then process them until a creamy paste.
  4. Incorporate the paste of chestnuts to a pan together with the sugar, the apricot jam and cook until jam point, While it cooked go mixing.
  5. The jam nuts and chestnuts recipe yields 600 GRS.
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