Butter or margarine for marijuana


Another essential cooking ingredient is butter and we develop our own marijuana butter, using the leaves of the plants in our self-cultivation. And it is for this reason that after bringing the flour of marijuana and marijuana milk, This time touched you the shift to themarijuana butter o"Cannabutter" as it known in the countries of Northern Europe.

Marijuana mill
In the first photo a manual grinder I bought in a shop in Chinese for less money, that allows me to the production of flour of marijuana from marijuana leaves.

Marijuana grinder

– 1 portion of butter or margarine approx.. 115 grams.
– 1/4 litre of water.
– 16 grams of marijuana leaf flour (half ounce approx).


Place the butter and water in a pot to heat. Then introduce marijuana flour into the pot and stir.

Boil the mixture for one minute and lower the heat to a minimum, stirring from time to time during 30 minutes.

Strain the mixture by removing the remains of leaf and stems which may be, the mix put it then to the refrigerator during a 6 hours approximately.

The butter will separate from the frozen water and will be easy to separate them, put the cannabis butter in a butter Bowl and ready.

Remember that the dosage when using marijuana butter is very important, half a tablespoon of butter cannabis is equivalent to a dose of half a gram of flour of marijuana, so carefully, especially with the guests to try the recipes.

Marijuana butter can be directly put on the bread or can be used for making desserts, cookies and all sorts of meals.

Luck and will continue posting recipes soon!

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