The 3 best exercises for the buttocks

perfect buttocks

All or nearly all women would like to have a good body, but one of the parts they would most like to tone up are theButtocks, Since one of the parties is more aesthetic of the body of the woman.

If you wanttone your buttocks but you don't know where to start, we have your solution and that of many women like you. The first thing to say is that like any muscleit takes a lot of effortuntil we reach our goal, but with work and perseveranceyou'll get the you want And with that you'll feel better about yourself.

You can start toning your buttocks with the following exercises:

  • The exercise that will help you the most are theSquats: I'm sure you know what it's all about., but in case you don't know a brief explanation: Rest your back on a wall and see yourself sliding down the wall as you flex your knees. Ideally, you can form a 90-degree angle to your knees and hold 30 seconds or a minute in that position.

wall squat

  • Strides: We stand and place a bar at the top of our back, on the shoulders. We lowered one knee until we touched the ground, while the other stays bent.


  • Buttock kick: We lie on all fours, And we stretch one leg, as if we were going to give a coz. We repeat several times and change legs. This exercise is very good in long runs

gluetos kick

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