Homemade almond milk

Homemade almond milk

For all those people who have been forced to leave to cow's milk, that not can eat gluten, or that they want to adopt healthier eating habits, almond milk is a great choice.

 The advantage that our bodies can get almond milk is very broad, to sum it up we will say that the almond milk helps us to monitor and improve the levels of fat in our body, that is to say that it has a direct and positive effect on cardiovascular health. As well as also on the weight you want to achieve. It is very easy to get a top quality almond milk (Home) Since we can prepare it at home. Gather the ingredients and follow these easy steps just need. You will need to make a real top quality almond milk:

Homemade almond milk
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prep time
15 min
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prep time
15 min
cooking time
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  • Natural almonds (unsmoked and unsalted), approx.. 250GR
  • Water pure, approx.. 1 liter
  • A splash of essence of vanilla or vanilla natural, If we have.
  1. The first thing you should know is you have to let the almonds soaking the night before to start the recipe. To do this you takes the 250 g of almonds in a large enough container and water. You must leave it all night, i.e., approximately an average of eight or twelve hours.
  2. The next day, You'll see that almonds have increased in size since they have absorbed part of the water containing them. In this way the almonds will be much easier to manipulate because they will be softer.
  3. Then follow the crushing, for this procedure, there are people who prefer to use the same water for soaking almonds or replacing it with new water. My advice is to keep the water they were soaked and add more if needed. Grind almonds with water can be done either in a blender or with a crusher. In this step you add also the vanilla. Crushing stops when the milk is white and frothy. List once you must pass through a very fine sieve, the best would be a sieve in fabric or cloth.
  4. If you want, You can add sugar, the best thing to do is to add honey. Cover and refrigerate it in the fridge, homemade almond milk should be consumed within a maximum period of one week.
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Take care of your figure with almond milk

Being in shape is easier everyday because we are currently much more attentive and vigilant to what they consume and what offer us the market. Slowly, We are returning to natural products and changing eating habits little beneficial. In this sense, is well worth discovering the benefits offered by the almond milk. Contrary to what might be a common idea, almond milk is not fattening. It is true that almonds are a dry fruit with a high fat content, but the big difference, It is that almonds contain healthy fats.

The amount of magnesium that may contain a small portion of almonds is higher than the present in foods with a high content of magnesium such as spinach or oats. Magnesium is a mineral that helps to lower cholesterol levels, and that attacks the negative cholesterol. If we compare the almond milk with other food which helps a lot to eliminate dangerous cholesterol, as olive oil, We discovered that the milk of almond is two times more effective at the time of attack them deposits of cholesterol that threaten our health.

Therefore, almond milk is today recognized as a food that is capable of removing grease. People who suffer from overweight do well to integrate it into your daily diet. But not only obese people, Since almonds are beneficial for any type of person, of course, If your consumption is moderate. Almond milk is indeed an interesting food supplement in any healthy diet, not only that helps to regulate the weight but for all of its other properties such as:

Properties of almonds

It prevents the appearance of coronary heart disease.
It strengthens the bones, so it is very beneficial for the female sex.
It is low in carbohydrates.
It helps to equalize levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
It contains much folic acid, powerful nutrient of the blood and heart.
It contains much potassium, It is an important nutrient in evolutionary pictures presenting vomiting or diarrhea.
It promotes the correct performance of the digestive tract due to its rich contents of fiber.
It promotes the correct performance of the cardiovascular.
It is completely natural, not contain dyes, preservatives or artificial additives.

What is the price of milk of almonds?

Changing our eating habits is not an easy task, especially when these are in large part determined by the laws of the market. Not is a secret that thousands of people around the world have decreased their consumption of milk of cow after check that was little beneficial for your digestion. However, cow's milk is a product that for many years has been ratified as of first necessity, or to put it clearly, Thus it has done us think food industry. Advertising makes each day their work and find it is not difficult. As accessible what is the price of cow milk or need to ask yourself the why we bought it. But, Why not the case with other vegetable milks, whose benefits are proven and whose production is more expensive or more bloodthirsty than cow's milk?

almond milk
The almond milk, for example, It is a product that increasingly becomes more popular in the market, Since as we said demand has grown. However, to buy a litre of milk of almonds, you may invest two or three times the cost of cow's milk. It is a reality that the almond milk is more expensive than soy milk, rice or coconut. Although to be fair it must be said that competitiveness has caused prices to fall and that apparently now made affordable to buy the almond milk, but be careful, you have to see that these milks will actually have very little content of almonds, i.e., they are very little or almost nothing natural. In short, you will be buying the same synthetic feed that you wish to escape.

To get a good price on the milk of almonds it best is direct you to a shop of products natural, where You can buy it for a price between three and five euros. Also with the guarantee that it is not an industrial product. Of all forms to lower the price of the milk of almonds and retain their quality, it better is make it in house. The procedure is simple and best, quality guaranteed. While almonds are not product more cheaply on the market by converting them into milk will see its price pays off and most importantly, your body going to thank.

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