The importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet

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According to a study, You can reduce the risk of stroke due to high levels of carotenoids in the blood, the antioxidants present in fruit and vegetables.

According to a report appeared in the edition of the 4 Stroke June, the risk of ischemic stroke, the most common, that occurs when a clot blocks a cerebral artery, was a 40 percent lower in men with high levels of carotenoids in the blood than those with lower levels.

The report is based on the Physicians' Health Study (health in medical studies), which has evaluated more than 22,000 doctors from 1982. This study covers a period of 13 years, during which 297 of them suffered ischemic spills.
The researchers measured blood levels of several antioxidants on samples supplied by the participants when it began the study. Lower three carotenoid found the highest risk in men with levels: Alpha carotene, beta carotene and lycopene.

Carotenoids are molecules that the body converts into vitamin A and carrots that give vivid color, peaches, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables. They are also popular ingredients of vitamin supplements.
The study was not designed to determine the source of carotenoids, said the study's author, the Dra. Jing Ma, Assistant Professor of the Harvard School of medicine.

Long-term study aims to help establish what function that meet the antioxidants in the prevention of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases, continued Ma. "In a few years, We should have definitive conclusions of this study", added.

A great way to select fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants is guided by color, advised Eckel. "Is the most colourful vegetables where we hope that there is a higher content", explained, "like spinach, sweet potato (also known as sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato), Apricot, the carrot, things with yellow or orange colors.

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Nine easy ways to eat fruits and vegetables:

1. Take an Apple, Orange, banana, PEAR or any other fruit easy to carry it to enjoy it along the way.

2. Serve snacks prepared with raw vegetables, as the baby carrot, strips of red pepper, broccoli and celery.

3. Choose already prepared salads in the vegetable section for a quick salad to eat at any time.

4. Stack in pizza spinach leaves, tomatoes, pepper and onions.

5. Add strawberries, Blackberries, bananas and other fruits of brilliant colors - frescoes, frozen or canned - in their waffles, pancakes or toast.

6. Have in the vehicle and on your desktop bags of dried fruits to have on hand a timely snack.

7. Mix fresh vegetables or frozen dough, noodles or omelette.

8. Make delicious heladillos with fresh or frozen blackberries, with ice and yogurt.

9. Whip up soups or sauces with a can of red kidney beans, peas, corn or green beans.

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