What is Celiac disease?

Celiac disease

What is Celiac disease?

We start at the beginning. A person is Celiac when the inner lining of the small intestine, i.e., the mucosa, is damaged by eating wheat, barley, oats or rye, without you know too much yet about the reasons why this is so. What is known is that if this damage occurs it is precisely due to gluten, It is the protein in these cereals.
It is important to know that this total intolerance to gluten, (because it is not of an allergy and intolerance) present in these cereals is permanent.

What you need to do

Now well, This diet should always follow, scrupulously, without skipping it and permanently, what you can bring to this intolerance sufferers an unpleasant feeling of imprisonment.
It is quite hard to make him understand a child as you are developing your tastes and is incorporated into the life, There are a lot of things (highly desirable) that has to do without. It will be difficult to make him understand that you cannot take birthday cake at the party his friends, For example.
The food tradition in Western culture, based largely on the grain with gluten, It makes it quite complicated to give up food as necessary as bread or pasta or buns… The worst, Anyway, It's not that. In the diet they have to follow people with celiac disease, the terrible thing is masked in numerous products gluten.

That be can not eat if I am celiac?

Like this, in principle at least, sounds simple. Can not eat:

    • Wheat
    • Barley
    • Rye
    • Oats
    • Products derived from these cereals.

You can choose to renounce any kind of bread, any slightly similar to the bakery product and just eat the foods allowed. It is a choice. But if we start from the fact that celiac disease require permanent restrictions in the power, tal vez sería mejor considerar la posibilidad de «engañar» al cerebro y tratar de mantener una dieta que incluya aquellos elementos «prohibidos», i.e.: bread, biscuits, Pizza, biscuits.. But, Naturally, without cheating.

There are two options for this: the commercial and the home.

We can use specially prepared gluten-free foods that you can find in the diet shops. (Quite expensive by certaino). And also Some gadgets that can be very useful, as a machine for making bread and the thermal robot THERMOMIX ( that in addition to knead bread allows you to make all kinds of flours, stews, biscuits etc.. without effort) This is an investment to be considered bearing in mind that it's a permanent diet.

The second possibility It is home cooking gluten-free foods, even those that seem more difficult to develop. To deal with this task, bear in mind that, either we use already prepared meals, or we ourselves prepare them.

It is not as complicated as it seems, with Thermomix you can do it quickly and cleanly. Now calculate the possibilities:

  1. Buy processed foods (a package of cookies costs you 425 PTS approximately)
  2. Make them in house (they are for less than one third of money that bought)

Way to make it:

  1.  Handmade, mejor dicho «coup of biceps«.
  2.  It is suitable have a THERMOMIX , for all you help, even for grinding grain, and to get the mixture is homogeneous.

Therefore it is an investment to be considered given the support and comfort that provides, In addition to the security that the foods do not contain gluten and the economy (If you do numbers really paid one in a very short time). For example, a package of cookies costs 425 PTS. (the normal 80 PTS.) With three clear, a yolk two tablespoons of sugar and three of cornstarch, you make the same amount, take out the cost. With two eggs and two yolks that are plenty we can make some custard. And many other things that you will discover throughout their use. It is not as complicated as it seems, read! 


1 part of sodium bicarbonate (100 Gr.)
1 part of cream of tartar (100 Gr.)
1/2 part of cornstarch
Mix and sift them well.


Three basic flour mixes:

He prepares a considerable amount of these mixtures, and store them in airtight containers, good sheltered from light and humidity. Ok, the penalty, gonna use often. It lasts several months


1 kg. rice flour
650 GR. cornstarch
1/2 kg. tapioca
Mix them and sifting them well.


1 Kg. rice flour
650 GR. cornstarch
Mix them and sifting them well.


1/2 Kg of rice flour
650 GR. cassava starch (the potato-like tuber)
1 Kg. cornstarch
Mix them and sifting them well.

Of course, you will end up making your own adaptations and versions of dishes with allowed ingredients, but at the top of this page you'll find some recipes if you don't know where to start. Are, in general terms, that Miss less if gluten is excluded from your diet suddenly. We have prepared them with the new THERMOMIX-21 to make you easier to cook and will not be as heavy.

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