The classic recipe of pasta to the pesto

pasta pesto

Pasta with pesto recipe It is a traditional Italian recipe and one of the most classic. The recipe consists of an easy to cook pesto sauce, whose ingredients are a classic Mediterranean cuisine and Basil olive oil. The time of preparation of this recipe is from 15 minutes and makes four servings.

If you want to cook you will need the following ingredients:
500 grams of pasta
1 tablespoons of grape spas
1 cup finely chopped Basil
1 tooth of garlic chopped
150 cc of tomato sauce
Salt and pepper
Procedure to prepare the recipe:
To prepare this recipe We have to do is put in a pan 2 litres of water, and there we cook pasta, While the same is cooking add a tablespoon of olive oil to the water and salt, so it is better tasting.

For cooking pesto sauce, We have to do is chop garlic,  and Basil, Add the tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, Add the minced garlic and the sofritamos, then add tomato sauce,  Cook for ten minutes and add the rest of ingredients.

We spices with salt and pepper and if you wish can add you a bit of extra virgin olive oil.

When East cooked pasta, drain it and serve in an avocado, Add the sauce and decorate with basil leaves. If you want to can add you Parmesan cheese, or mozzarella cheese, increased flavoring.

This recipe may be accompanied with an entry of tomato and Basil Salad.
This recipe belongs to the category pasta recipes is of Italian origin and if we want to vary, We can use different varieties of pasta, but the most appropriate are the spaghetti. Other alternatives are fucile them, ravioli, or it can also be done with gnocchi.

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