Cinnamon diabetes, cholesterol and overweight


We all know the great influence that has food in people who suffer from diabetes and when it comes of controlling it diabetes, foods are your best medicine.

Like this, the research has been oriented for many years, especially in the countries of the third world to investigate how natural products act as hypoglycemic. (antidiabetic agents).
Currently there are a list of more of 100 natural hypoglycaemic agents. The great interest in these is due to the growing number of diabetics and low cost of natural products.

Benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon has powers similar to the drugs to eliminate the excess glucose from the bloodstream.

Scientists found that food was added to which cinnamon reduced significantly the level of sugar in the blood in patients with diabetes type 2 . (Study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.)
They found that cinnamon contains a natural compound that removes excess glucose from the bloodstream to the insulin makes it!

The researchers found that the compound in cinnamon MHCP ( methylhydroxy chalcone polymer), do cells react more sensitive to the insulin so hypoglycemic action which is about to become a natural medicine for diabetes.

You cinnamon

In the same cinnamon on lipids form acts in cells by reducing cholesterol levels

This has aroused so much interest that led to a group of scientists in Pakistan to carry out a study with people who suffer from diabetes type 2. Suminsitrandole an extract of cinnamon. What that resulted in a term of forty days there was a reduction of almost 30 percent in the blood not only of glucose, cholesterol also.
Independent of the quantity supplied (between 1 and 6 g of cinnamon per day)

Other two substances which must be mentioned:

  • aloe vera
  • grapefruit or grapefruit.

Aloe vera, what you get from a Mexican cactus. Now it has shown that a leaf extract is also able to reduce the blood sugar.

A similar effect was also detected for grapefruit juice, What improves the action of insulin and reduces sugar in blood in diabetic patients type 2.

Add cinnamon to your meals. Use it in desserts.

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