The comprehensive beauty and Antiaging

Antiaging time

Thanks to the development in the fields of science such as medicine, Biology, nutrition today in day having 50 o 60 years does not mean having reached old age for a woman or man.

If I think the developments that have occurred not only in technology and science, but especially in the attitude and the minds of people in the last 50 years

Today the topic of menopause is not a taboo more, medicine and drugs have been researched and developed a series of medications and hormonal products in this sector, since they have found a huge potential market. This is because the average life span has increased both.

Not only refers to menopause until the issue of hormonal changes in humans, andropause is spoken aloud.

What is the Antiaging? 

Antiaging, It is a term that is fashionable in the mouth not only of companies that sell products cosmetics and health. Also in is a term that she is in vogue among doctors and nutritionists who have seen a huge potential in this field trying to slow aging.
At least in Europe and the United States, there are physicians who have specialized more and more in this sector, which includes increasingly prevention sector health.

But what this word, If we translate it literally means anti-aging, the term includes a positive attitude towards life, It includes to be at peace with oneself and with nature.

Includes the appearance of each spiritual and physical. Exercise therapies such as Yoga and Tai Chi are part of the current life. Meditation to deal with stress is not something strange that we hear or leiamos in the films that come from the East. Until science has dealt with the positive aspects of meditation, measuring in (the University in Zurich, Switzerland) in Tibetan monks as meditation alters frequencies and its influence on the brain.

Would that covers broadly the antiaging?

Antiaging includes knowing your body, eat well and healthily, including proteins, carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables. It is to know the importance of good sleep, hydrate yourself well, care for your skin properly. It is the comprehensive health.

It give your body all the necessary essential nutrients so that it works well, If necessary in the form of supplements.

It is to take responsibility for each, trying to prevent produced chronic or degenerative diseases generally by malnutrition and drug abuse such as alcohol and cigarette.
It is look in the mirror and accept to be comfortable and feel good with your body and see what true beauty corresponds to each age and comes from within.

An integral beauty program has not be expensive to purchase antiaging cream or have that being subject to a facelift.

It means starting early with that routine of exercise and good nutrition.


Ageless beauty

If we observe that the idols of our youth, (that we are between 50 and 60) as the artists Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, or the singer Tina Turner We could say that they already reached the retirement age. However, when we see them we have the feeling that they possess an eternal energy source.

Around hear, of course! they have the money to be able to keep young. Which will answer, the money just doesn't, It takes discipline and be consistent subject to a daily routine of exercise as Jane fonda o Tina Turner, or keep their guns and not eating carbohydrates as I read once in an interview to Goldie shown.

As for the secrets of cosmetics and have access to expensive lines today in day there are many brands that have discovered the market and develop cosmetics almost only for women of 50 o 60 and more.

The average life span to increased and each time we see more people coming to the 90 (Research has shown that per year the standard of living increases each year in three months) and this make it - or wish to do so- to active form, successfully, costuming to fashion and well cared. Many are still working or exercising a profession.

In the same way they have changed demands the appearance of persons in that age. At the time of my grandmother, be accepted that a person of that age, had entered into old age with all its consequences. Today however we hope that the appearance is youthful and well cared.

And precisely at that age skin represents a challenge given that influence genetic factors that do not are given around the world in same form. Mechanisms for the recovery of the skin cells are not given all over the world in the same way.

With age it changes the structure of the skin, cell renewal is becoming slower and the sagging of the tissues are decreasing.

The contents of collagen, hyaluronic acid and lipid lowering. The skin becomes thinner, the moisture in the skin decreases and becomes drier, losing elasticity and as a result "wrinkles".

What are the secrets of the new the ageing creams?

The new antiaging cream especially for women starting from the 60 they are a line of skin care that have been developed specifically for women over the age of 60 years and promise to put an end to these problems. It's hot springs with a combination of three important elements that feed the skin with essential nutrients that are not available in that combination in nature. A combination of hyaluronic acid and pro-tocoferol - all predecessors of the unique skin ingredients.

Derivatives of unsaturated fatty acids of vegetal origin and a forerunner of lipids in the skin ensure optimal nutrition components of acid hyaluronic offer to penetrate deeper into the skin than normal, and regenerate the supporting skin tissue and provide new elasticity. Pro-tocoferol is a precursor of vitamin E and protects cells from harmful free radicals, UV rays and pollution.

The new series includes hypoallergenic and contains no parabens. They have been tested with very good results in clinical trials giving very positive results, 87 percent of the skin become firmer and wrinkles decrease,

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