Juice of tomato

tomato juice

The tomato, a native American fruit, It has expanded to all over the world and it's a food that should not miss at all the tables. Its consumption is of vital importance to maintain a healthy body, since it contains many vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients.

Consume a tomato on a daily basis provides the 50% Vitamin C, important for the absorption of iron, as to your dose of vitamin K helps the organism to incorporate calcium. It also has high amounts of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects the DNA and prevents diseases of the heart.

Their beta-carotene intake reaches the 20% daily requirements, Stressing that it is who gives the intense red color to this fruit and that is very important for strengthening the immune system, improve vision and strengthen the ocular system.

Consume a daily glass of juice of tomato It helps to prevent the formation of blood clots, concern that reveals diabetic by what must be included in any of their diets. But not only diabetics should eat it but also those travelling by plane frequently or those who have a high level of cholesterol. Smokers should be included to the tomato in your diet now to two main components, coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid, they are fundamental to combat nitrosamines which are produced in the body when smoking ( they are the main carcinogens in cigarette smoke).

Your intake helps in the maintenance of teeth, bones, hair and skin, to its time that protects the skin against the dangerous rays UV.

Below are going to offer you a recipe for the elaboration of a nutritional juice of tomato:

Juice of tomato
  1. 5 tomatoes
  2. a clove of garlic
  3. Basil leaves
  4. a glass of water
  5. a pinch of salt
  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender at full power until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then you must strain to remove impurities and leave in the freezer to consume it whenever you want. Also you can add pepper or some spicy to enhance flavors.
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