Does influence Acne nutrition?

face acne

First let's see what it's likeAcneand how it occurs

What are pimples?

First you have to know that they are blackheads and causing them.
Granites are inflammations of the skin caused by aPore clogged that becomes inflamed or infected. When this happens it's called acne.

ManyAdolescentssuffer from acne as it appears mostly at puberty due to hormonal changes.

Our skin is made up of small pores. These pores are connected to the sebaceous glands. Once these sebaceous glands are blocked by dirt or other factors, the oily substance, obstructs pores causing grain shoots. Due to the elevation of hormones that usually occur during puberty there is higher production in sebaceous glands and is the main contributor to the appearance of grains.

However, many adults also suffer from grains, women during their menstrual cycle suffer from grains, hormones cause more stimulation of oil that clogs pores, when these are blocked they become infected and produce acne.

A very important part of course is nutritional diet and skin hygiene.

While excessive intake of certain foods as previously thought, for example chocolate, coffee, Coca cola, etc. it doesn't directly influence acne. It is important to eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and low in sugars.


How to treat pimples?

To fix this problem before it starts and permanently.
You can start with regular skin cleansing to remove unwanted particles and dirt from pores.

Buying oil-free and antibacterial products made especially to combat shin shoots is essential. Although your skin needs a certain amount of fat to keep it healthy. However, excessive cleansing of your skin can cause your skin to dry too much, some experts recommend that you only wash with water and a special soap.

Treating acne with creams or medications is not enough. Acne should be treated with a treatment that stabilizes the whole body taking into account good health. It's best when it's a natural treatment, this will tell you not only to take care of your skin, diet and diet to eliminate the inner cause of our acne.

There are natural treatments that have developed and tested their results after a long experience and after a long process of experimentation.

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