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A cocktail, This divided into three parts, that maintain always the same order and US aid at the time of creating it. But this not wants tell that necessarily have that comply are those three. These are:

1. Drink Base of a cocktail: are those who They determine the alcohol volume of the cocktail. These are all the distillates, as for example, Ron, vodka, Gin, wisky.

2. Drinks a cocktail Semibase: they are all beverages that can be eaten alone, in large quantities. They are used, most of all, in long cocktails, Why gives us the ability to lengthen it, without providing alcohol content. These drinks, they never exceed the 18 ° of alcohol and are: the beer, the champagne, wines, the Vermouth, juices and juices, soft drinks.
Note: Juices are very concentrated juices.

3. Flavorings or colorants: those ingredients that are They provide flavors and colors predominant cocktail. Among them we find: liquors, the syrups, the bitters, the jellies, lemon juice, as well as, extracts, herbs or spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, Mint).

cocktails with whisky


Prepare direct cocktails: This method is used only, When we make a long drink, the drinks that we employ are light, low density and easy to integrate with other. Is prepared in the glass with smell, serving all beverages directly on it. It carries sorbet, remover and a good decoration.

Prepare cocktails cooled: used only when we make a short drink, It is done using a tool called "mixing bowl" or "mixing glass", having as function, cool drinks. In addition, the Cup in that is going to serve the drink this previously chilled, does ice inside. It of low density single drinks, easy to integrate. The ingredients are stirred with a ladle. The best cocktails are made with this method, they are having more presence to have in sight and palate.

Prepare beaten cocktails: "Shaker" which is used to make them, not only cool drinks, but also mixed its ingredients. The correct way to do it, is beating the shaker in a circular motion to avoid the ice hit at the ends and break, causing that the drink is watery. They are then served in the glass or glass that will be used, Depending on the function of the swallow. Present it so well decorated.

Prepare cocktails liquefied: is one of the easiest, We use it, When we find ingredients such as: fruits, lots of ice or ice cream. Is made using blender and long drinks are served only in glasses or glasses, usually in cups of fantasies. They are always well decorated with tropical fruits or station.


non-alcoholic cocktail

In the world of mixology, There are numerous amounts of cups and glasses, with different shapes and sizes; There is also a layer designed exclusively for each drink as, that it manages to highlight all the same features, to enjoy it at its best.

We are going to present only ten of them, which are essential in our workplace and which can be used in lieu of any other than this not within our reach:

Cocktail glass: Cup of short drink that varies its size according to the alcohol content of the cocktail. Never exceed the 100 cm3. There are drinks cocktail of 2.5 OZ up to 3 OZ.

Margarita glass: This Cup, It is designed exclusively for the international cocktail "margarita" and possesses the characteristic of having a wide mouth, that glitter with salt. There are drinks margaritas of 3 OZ up to 5 OZ.

Glass of champagne: These cups are elongated and enclosed in the mouth, What them allows you to maintain during much more time the gas of the champagne. There are cups of champagne of 5 OZ up to 6 OZ.

Glass of cognac
: This Cup owes its particular form to the distillate of wine consumed in it. The temperature of consumption is approximately 28° C, the wide base of the layer, It allows consumers to transmit this temperature with the heat of your hand.
Also in time to serve it, the layer can be heated previously. There are glasses of cognac's 10 OZ up to 12 OZ.

Note: OZ is an English measure that is equivalent to 28.41 cm3. Equivalence of 1 OZ 28.41 cm3. 1 OZ measures 28.41 cubic centimeters.

Shooter or shot: These cups or glasses, According to their shape, are capacity since they only serve liquors or liqueurs. He often used to make drinks of colors, playing with the density of its ingredients or to make distillates companions (Tequila, lemon, Salt); as well as the famous toc toc (more spirits a carbonated drink). These lovely cups have a capacity of 1 OZ to 2 OZ approximately.

Glass width: This glass is commonly known as OLD FASHION or glass TUMBLER of WHISKY, in it, usually different types of whiskies or whiskeys are served. But also used to make drinks, the most famous of them is the OLD FASHION. Its wide mouth and its low-rise allow ice to cool the drink better. In addition, It allows us to better perceive the characteristics of whisky. Its capacity can be of 5 OZ to 7 OZ.

Glass tube: best known as a long drink glass. In it all the refreshing drinks and some of the nutrients are prepared. Its elongated form allows the ice to cool completely all drink. In the event that the drink that we produce, take any carbonated beverage, It allows the gas to last us longer. Its capacity is of 10 OZ up to 11 OZ.

Glass Hurricane: commonly call Cup Fantasy, Since there are different models and do not have a physical form. The nutritious drinks are served in this Cup, as for example liquefied, shakes and frozzen. They are also used for drinks with routes, Since its wide mouth and its form, They allow us to place into your ice and fruit. Its capacity is of approximately 9 OZ, find cups of liquefied of 25 OZ.

Cup Tulip: It is the Cup that is used in the great toast. They are served, cider, Champagne, bowle or punch. Its form, It does not keep long gas, But if, move a lot of drinks without problems. Also, It has a foot to avoid heating the drink with body heat. Its capacity is of 3 OZ.

Glass of wine: the latest research on cupping of wines, all the cups have foot, some longer, other lower; but they all have the same functionality, do not heat the beverage with body heat.

preparing cocktail

For the elaboration of the best cocktails, they need, Apart from drinks, different types of Cookware, that never should be missing in a bar.

Then named the utensils to cocktail more used:

1. Shaker
2. Mixing bowl
3. Calador Caterpillar fours
4. Cucharin
5. Mortar with stick
6. Fruit knives
7. Wine opener
8. Tongs for ice and for fruit
9. Champagne stopper
10. Crystal


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