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Eggs recipe to the americana
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Today we bring you a simple recipe and that can be done with some few spices to give a unique taste. Making a special and distinct sauce to accompany something as simple as a few boiled eggs. Also the sauce which we will prepare will be ideal to accompany different fish types and especially lobster, to make it American-style. No more we leave them with this delicious preparation and one of the most special recipes.
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prep time
20 min
cooking time
25 min
total time
55 min
prep time
20 min
cooking time
25 min
total time
55 min
  • Eggs: 8
  • Tomato sauce: 1 Cup.
  • Onions: 1 large.
  • Leek: 1
  • Carrot: 1.
  • White wine: 1 glass.
  • Brandy: 1 Cup.
  • Dried tarragon: 1 teaspoon. (It can be replaced with another herb, as thyme)
  • Cayenne pepper (Red).
  • Oil: 6 tablespoons.
  • Water: 1 glass
  • Salt
  1. First let's boil eight eggs during 5 to 6 minutes to achieve than the clear (the white part of the egg) is hard and inside, the yolk, to more liquid state. Something similar to what would be a poached egg.
  2. While we leave the eggs to boil we can opt to continue with the next step: Chop the carrot, the leek and onion.
  3. We control the time of eggs, If they are ready we took them from fire and put them under cold water. We proceed to peel them and return them to move to a new container (or the same, clean) with warm water.
  4. We take what had previously chopped, i.e., the leek, the carrots and onions and put them in a large skillet to FRY all together in hot oil.
  5. At this point add the tarragon (or another herb of your choice) and that this case will be thick tomato sauce. While stir we add a glass of Brandy. Now comes the special touch and is that we turn fire the Brandy and when turned off will add water and white wine.
  6. For a few 15 minute Cook this sauce and condimentaremos with cayenne pepper (Red) and salt to taste.
  7. Finally we will give a final boil sauce and place the eggs we had saved in the water. They will only be a few minutes to heat all together and to take shape.
  8. They can serve sprinkled them with parsley. Also you can accompany with fried potatoes or white rice.
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